Weekly Bonus Points: July 25th - August 1st

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Another random survey! Fill it out and you get +5 points:

1) How often do you visit GamesButler (few times a day, once a week, etc)
2) What other devices do you use to play games (cell phone, Xbox, etc)
3) What type of games do you want to see more of on GamesButler

1. i stay on gamesbutler tell 3am ( you know that dom )
2. i play xbox alot
3. you need more sniper games
1) Few times a day to see knew games and mail

2)None: Don't have any other services no phone and no consoles

3)Action other and puzzle
1.a few times a day
2.xbox best console ever
3.more driffting games
1. I Check Everyday....a few times a day actually maybe 2 or 3
2.No phone....Xbox360....
3.More score games with guns NOT zombies but combat games....
Level 32
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1) A few times a day, maybe once or twice or so?
2) Cellphone sometimes, and very little XBOX
3) Strategy.
1)once wen my sister does not hog the computer maybe twice if i am lucky
2)cellphone xbox 360 if my sister will let me touch it ds lite
3)puzzle and sniper
Level 9
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1) I visit GamesButler several times a week.
2) Computer-Internet Games only.
3) I'd like to see casual games that have adventure and awe-effects.
1) about 3-4 times a day when im not at work or when i get a break
2) cell phone
3) adventure and strategy
1. I play Modern Warfare 2 on the Xbox
2. I text my friends 100 times a day
3. and i would like to add more action games be really awesome!
1) A few times each day
2) PS3
3) RPG
1) A few times a day
2) Xbox 360
3) more upgrade games like toss the turtle etc
3) play this my friend
1) Every day
2) Wii
3) Strategy and RPG
1. few times a day
2. ps3
3. puzzle and upgrade
few times a day
fone xbox
puzzle and sniper
Level 19
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Usually only Monday-Friday but multiple times thru the day.
PS3, iPhone
Strategy and High Score Games.
Level 21
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1) Every day 3-4 times
2) XBox 360
3) Bike Games and Physik Games
Level 25
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1. Every day 2 or more times :D
2. psp^^
3. adventure, puzzle (with score)
1) i come on few hours a week
2) xbox
3) Raceing games like moss
1. i stay on all day
2.play ps3
3.more of shoting games with score
Level 27
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1.it will now be once a month
2. wii, ds and psp
3. platform
1.every day
2. wii, psp, ps3, xbox 360, ds, ds lite, dsi, xbox, ps2, ps1, gamecube, n64, iphone, iphone3g, iphone3gs,
3. score games
1. Every day(:
2. Wii, Ipod, DSi,
3. ummm, just any games that arnt boring :L
Level 11
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1.About every day
2. Wii, Ipod
3. Drifting/Racing games
Level 32
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1) Used to get on here ALL THE TIME. Not it's once a day. ^^
2) Cell phone, Nintendo DS, Playstation 3, XBOX 360.
3) Strategy & score games, pl0x. ;D
Level 19
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1) usually a few times a day depending on how busy i am at work
2) cell phone, xbox 360, ps2, computer
3) adventure and puzzle
1. every day!!!!
2. i hav an x-box but i dont really use it so nothing
3.puzzle, adventure, action, and score games

hey my b-day is august 13 th yaaaaaa
Level 22
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1) more than once a day i check for games
2) Xbox 360 and DSi
3) I want more Puzzle games (like Doodle God) and Secret
just saying hi everyone... lol i know it has been a long time since i have been on Gamesbutler.. but if look at my account pic.. u see my time away has done me a lot of good.
Level 10
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1.few days a week
2.pc games
3.score games
Level 24
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depends every day to every 2 weeks i guess
MY PS3,PS2,wii,intendo ds and my phone
upgarde games
Level 35
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1.holy crap like all day pretty much and every day lol
2.xbox 360
3.highscore games:D
Level 21
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1.a few times a week
2.psp ipod cellphone or gamecube
3.highscore games and sport games
few times a day wii mario, secret exit and duck life
1. once er twice a day, but i stay on for a long time
2. cell phone, ps3, wii, DSi, ps2
3. toss games like homerun in bezerkland, or toss the turtle, that kind of stuff
Level 30
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a few times a week, for longish sessions
puzzle type games
wow this site is popular
Level 24
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every day
ipod ds wii gamecube
1. Every couple of games
2. an Xbox360
3. maybe more adventure games
1. I'm on gamesbutler most of the day
2. A XBOX360 and a cell phone
3. Puzzle games please
few times a day very good website
i like games from stickpage and armor games but i love the games where you buy upgrades and you can save your game
Level 35
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1) few times a week
2) wii
3) Games where you buy upgrades, addicting games, or like Duck Life, Ski Runner or Jump it
Level 9
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1)every day(at least once.)

2)computer games

3)random games like ski runner
Level 18
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1)every day
2)my wii
1. all the time
2. ps3 xbox
3. score games
1 once a month
2 PC GameCube Wii
3 puzzle
1. once a week
2. pc
3. shooter/fighting
1 2 next