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New Point/Level System
Wow, a word game about love!?
but the police didnt listen they ate doughnuts and
Chain-up Words
will be on top of the empire state building
Weekly Bonus Points: August 15th - August 22nd
1. yes
2. puzzle
3. yes
Weekly Bonus Points: August 8th - August 15th
the best
which is smarter dog or cat
well its a 50% 50% deal dogs can get paper and do tricks but cats can hide and move stealthly my mom cat sitted for a lady but the cats hid so hard u cant find them
XBOX360 vs PS3
now way mario ps3 is best
Weekly Bonus Points: August 1st - August 8th
its ok
Updated Homepage + Footer design
i love it !!!!!
Weekly Bonus Points: July 25th - August 1st
1. few times a day
2. ps3
3. puzzle and upgrade
hey im new here
hey newbie!!
doodle god
yup me too
Weekly Bonus Points: July 18th - July 25th
that is awesome i love it!!!
should i change my profile background??
i just changed it look
should i change my profile background??
ok to what im thinking a lightong bolt
should i change my profile background??
should i change my background i think its kind of old???
Weekly Bonus Points: July 11th - July 18th
i like the bar by the points and how u put the level number by the bar and the points i like the little dice by thhe random game but i think u should keep the my games where it is but it really dont bother me i just think it would be a little better but u dont have to change that
Cedar Point!
dude mr awesome i saw that video.... i cant believw it's a 5 minute ride WWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW
what the heck????????
what the heck???????? is that white guy professer snaper from harry potter wat the heck
Favorite songs and bands
black eyed peas rock your body
word assotiation
Who would win in a fight?
luigi he is a green mean fighting machine
Weekly Bonus Points: June 28th - July 4th
i think u should make a blue t shirt with a slogan like "the best games are here" with the logo on the top corner or on the back. under the slogan can be in large letters GAMESBUTLER*com (the star is the dot)
Hey I'm JunkMan
puzzles r awesome
No More Clan Invites
Dom the butler do you like him
best most technological smart person
Please Read
no way
Who smarter a dog or Hampster???
their both smart
Do you think that..
omg i love red lobsters bread it has butter on it when it comes to u so good thats so s-o g-oo-d good lol

dude this forum changed from red lobster to if peter the pimp will leave

i almost fell a sleep on my first time going to red lobster i had crab legs
Whats ur favourite game on gamesbutler
Why do we did to be 13
im going to sue u lol jk that was fun
No More Clan Invites
oh no
Another cool thing
thats awesome
Weekly Bonus Points: June 20th - 27th
marvel ultimate alliance 2 and chrash bandicoot mind over mutant

saint maddiegirl r.k.o.'s idea but with the con fetti it should fall when people move the mouse
how do u do it

ps yes that was copy and paste
Walking is fun!
me too
Word game
what is love
im a guy not a girl
Hackers and Crackers.
lol so true
it is easy

Please Read
wowww thats crazy dom
The fun word game
Weekly Bonus Points: June 13th - 20th
New Help Page Teaser
i like it
Sky Jump
Very Random Flash Thing
still funny
Weird thing