New Point/Level System

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Here' the new leveling and point system that will be launched this Sunday (even though it's already in effect)

Level 1: 0 Points
Level 2: 50 Points
Level 3: 100 Points
Level 4: 200 Points
Level 5: 350 Points. Unlock: Silver Member Group (Higher Rating Power)
Level 6: 500 Points
Level 7: 750 Points
Level 8: 1,000 Points
Level 9: 1,500 Points
Level 10: 2,000 Points. Unlock: Gold Member Group (Higher Rating Power)
Level 11: 3,000 Points
Level 12: 4,000 Points
Level 13: 5,000 Points
Level 14: 6,500 Points
Level 15: 8,000 Points. Unlock: 'Power User' achievement
Level 16: 10,000 Points
Level 17: 12,500 Points
Level 18: 15,000 Points
Level 19: 17,500 Points
Level 20: 20,000 Points. Unlock: Platinum Member Group (Higher Rating Power)

Creating an Account: 15 Points
Changing Your Avatar (Once): 15 Points
Upload a Game: 15 Points
Upload a Walkthrough: 15 Points
Game Achievements: 5 - 20 Points
Adding Help to a Game: 2 Points
Comment on a Game: 2 Points
Forum Post: 1 Point
What is the 'Power User'?
ya what is that ?
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is it posible to get 20,000 Points
it'll just be a medal on your profile
sweet man
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i know that
The old one was better i think
Thumbs up, Dom. The new achievements are really great.

All we need now is a leaderboard for scores/achievements :-)
yup, I'm thinking of putting it on the Top 100 page, you'll be #1 hehe
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so i just need to write about 10,000 more comments to make platium. Hehe, well okay then.
Yay looks great!
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Dom, 20,000 points, I don't think anyone can get. I'm almost 3,000 and I've been here a year or so.... lol
@Paradox: Achievements will help! Most new games have 20 - 50 points worth of achievements, overtime that'll add up fast
Like I said earlier I think the new point system is awesome. However I think it's a bit weird that high scores still doesn't earn you any points. As it is now there are no reason to go for high scores, thus no reason to keep playing the games when you earn the achievements. Why not make a point system that gives you XX points for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places and if anyone beats your score you loose the points again? That would make sense and only a specific amount of points are handed out in each game.

Other than that, great job...
^Good idea! I still have to put the 2nd and 3rd place medals on profiles, but once that's in place giving points based on that would be easy to implement
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kool but is there a differnce here?
YLU Willam
YLU Willam
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i like it