Weekly Bonus Points: June 20th - 27th

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For +10 bonus points, what is your favorite game of all time?? Can be a flash game, video game, board game etc.

Also give me some ideas for what I should do when GamesButler turns 2 years old (this September). As always I give the points at the end of the week. Thanks!
my fav game of all time would have to be left 4 dead
and for the site u should give everyone tht u felt tht helped the site the most the past year 100 pts!
lol nt rly but i u wanna thts ok too :P, but u should have merch up for sale
i like the Sid Meiers Pirates game best

and i also think u should have some merchendise
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hmmmmmmmmmmm, propaply saints row 2, but 3 will propaply better

you should but haapy birthday on the baner and put one of them blowers in your your mouth on the banner
and carnages idea
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oh and add 5 more games
red dead redemtion

make a happy birthday page
and scarecrows idea
The entire Kingdom Hearts series is awesome

100 bonus points for all!!!
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Call of Duty, or civlization 4.

Ummm... Maybe a festive logo and a different layout for th day?
video rock but a comper is good to
i like the game crash bandicoot (mind ova muntant)

maybe u can put a banner up and put a birthday hat on the logo and do confetti!
marvel ultimate alliance 2 and chrash bandicoot mind over mutant

saint maddiegirl r.k.o.'s idea but with the con fetti it should fall when people move the mouse
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I'm old school Super Mario Kart.
^One of my favorites as well
when gamesbutler is 2 years old dom should give everybody who has a gamesbutler 15 bonus-points for all............
game i like is 007
^then thers no point cuz now everyone gets the points and it will still be the same
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My favorites are Call of Duty seris, and Bioshock 1-2
can we get a Custom Home page..?
J21 Yo
J21 Yo
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Halo series or Lost Planet series Make A custom butler
well my fav game is on this site is tower of doom. but my fav game for 360 is gta episodes from liberty city. and my fav game for ps2 is gta sanandreas. wii is mario galaxy. and for ds lite is mario.
final fantasy
Halo 2 and change the logo (But I still like it)
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call of duty modern warfare 2 and wen were about to post a comment it should be the space bar to send it not using the mouse
my favorite game ahs to be either Halo 3 ODST, Left 4 Dead 2, or Uncharted 2 Among Thieves, COD series, and i forgot the other one
oh and for GamesButlers 2nd birthday,all the popular or cool members that almost everyone loves or knows should meet up at a cluub or something, then we get hot girls and throw a wet T-Shirt party, then we go to someones house and have a video game tornament, and finally to top it off drink Pepsi. who ever agrees with me say in your next comment here- I agree with Peter
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tetris, and hold a special 25 bonus point contest on a highscore game for whomever gets the best gets 25, second 10 and third gets 5
i agree with peter
Mooch: Do you mean enter?
Peter: That would be an awesome party, lol
tahnk you thank you. i'll be here till i get a girlfriend. (lol that might take a while)
um, Peter? I think you forgot there are some girls on this site who would NOT enjoy a wet t-shirt contest, thank you XP
I love the retro Sonic games, like on Sega Genesis. I'm also addicted to Doodieman at the moment >:D

hmmm.....we should have the party Peter suggested minus the t-shirt contest XP *slaps anyone who agreed*
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My favorite game of all time: Contra (Contra Force, Super Contra)

GamesButler turns 2 years old this September so...

1. Give free +10 points to everyone for free!
2. Introduce a custom logo for the ceremony, like Google Doodles!
3. Upload a special 2 yr anniversary game from the creators of GamesButler.

Favorite game(s) of all time: The Final Fantasy series (VII, VIII, X, X-2, XII, XIII). Well perhaps not X-2, but the rest of them.

Celebrate the birthday with a lot of competetitions where users can earn points.

Ultima Online
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favorite game is Achievement Unlocked
for the site's birthday i like ARVX's ideas
kelly i said we were gonna have hot woman there. that means that some of the popular girl members dont have to join. and i ddint say everyone was gonna come, i dontn think we can find a bar that has romm for over 4000 people. thats why i said some of the popular members that everyone knows like Scarecrow, Carnage, me, Inglofo
i meant romm not romm. oh and i meant 5000 not 4000
and ya cant forget dom. the party is basaically for him
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ya dom i mean enter plzzzzzzzzzzzz
my fav game is shift head all of them 1,2,3,4,5,6, and shift world
give away free t-shirts
or maybe we should all go on a live webcam or something and have a countdown for the birthday. then when its time, we all yell happy birthday!! and pretend to shake each others hand
wat if we don't have a webcam
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Hmm i would say my favourite game of all time is Assassins Creed 2. It´s just awesome and it´s so much better than the first AC. Super Mario Bros.3 is a good game as well^^
My favorite of all time is Gundam Battle assault and any other Gundam game, Sooo much fun.
Settlers Catan- board game. video games, old school mario world. awww yeeeahhh
mw2 and add 10 highscore games
1000 bonus points
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MegaMan X series was great. Also Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy Tactics.
My favourite games vary but the type of games i like are the ones like Naruto Ultimate Ninja 5...and others in the series (havent played any other naruto game) and Prince Of Persia

and the thing you should do for gamesbutler's 2'nd birthday is to give everyone free 50 points!! yay!! lol...
if not that then do something out of the ordinary...like hold a contest to see who can submit a game (of their own making) to gamesbutler and the best one of those games gets a bonus 2000 points ( i mean making a great game is pretty hard) but still give everyone free 50 points!! yaaay!! lawl! =)
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