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Do you think that Red Lobster's bread taste extremley good? cause to me there sooooo good so i stole some of the bread from red lobster and im proud!!!
Oh and for those of you wondering im not going to be on gamesbutler for a while cause my home computers all F'D up and my school is taking the laptops back
So if i dont ever go on gamesbutler for some strange reason it was nice knowing you guys!!
nice knowing ya lexi
because i said todays gonna be the last day im on for a while
NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! peter don't go!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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later peter the pimp
ok it looks like my com is working for now so i guess i can still go on gamesbutler!!
so it looks like it was a false alarm. that is until my home computer crashes
awwwww bye if u go
whew that was close to loseing our pimp playa
ya lol
omg i love red lobsters bread it has butter on it when it comes to u so good thats so s-o g-oo-d good lol

dude this forum changed from red lobster to if peter the pimp will leave

i almost fell a sleep on my first time going to red lobster i had crab legs
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when you go, i will get ahead of you
there biscuits are the best thing ever!
lol i just went to Red Lobster again acuse i graduated from 8th grade. dam those biscuts are good!!!
lol awsome!!!!!!!!! biscuits i'll kill 4 them
love them but sometimes if u go 2 the wrong red lobster there salty as hell
ya. i hate when that happens
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ya. some of the good playersare leaving too
dam* i love red lobster biscuts! I was there a few days ago!! LOL
mmm cheddar biscuits....