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The site was down for about 3 hours due to a cyber crime committed against the site.

If you go to any pages and they are not working simply:
1. Hold down SHIFT
2. Click REFRESH

This will clear your cache. No data was lost (thankfully) just some clown corrupted my encryption to the site. This means I'll be working on making the site more secure instead of working on any new improvements to the site this week.

Now get back to gaming!
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I was wondering why I couldn't get on for a few hours. I was all 'o-o ... okay... -tries again-' Thank goodness it's back up. Thanks for the info Dommy!
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same here
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Yeah, I was confused why it was down. Luckily it was only a short period of time.
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When I go to the home page, it doesn't load, but when I go to any page gamesbutler, it loads ...
I tried to hold down SHIFT and refresh the page, and it works! But when I click again on the homepage, it doesn't load!
^That's weird. Try quitting out of your browser and trying again. It's most likely your cache. You can clear it in the browser settings if you really want to.
wow, this is serious. I'm glad your trying to make the website more secure,good job.
good thing its back up!
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I got a page that said "The site is down for today come back tomorrow!" and i checked 5 minutes later and it was fine..
^i got tht too
me three
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ya i couldnt get on for a while
I put the site offline to upgrade the security. Everything is fixed from yesterday.
Read or be trap
yea i couldnt get i thoght it waz my computer
wowww thats crazy dom
i tried shift and refresh but i had to do it five times before it finnaly worked but it might be my computer its old
^Perhaps, could be your browser as well (Shift + Click doesn't work in older versions of Internet Explorer and Google Chrome)
is that why the site was closed wow i could not have amagened something that crazy
thanks dom or the butler
This is slightly off the thread topic, but has anyone else gotten a browser message that this website has been reported unsafe? =/ (obviously, I disobeyed XD)
what browser said that? and why?
no way
thats weird....