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Which is better XBOX 360 or PS3 ?
ps3 online is better less campers nd stuff but it has no good car games like forza and pgr. SO XBOX IS BETTER.
WBP June 5-12. +5-25 Points
top basketball is my favorite
WBP May 8th-15th. +10 points
1.I like the new fourms layout
2.not able to see who's online
3.make it easyer to see who's online
What Is Your Heritage?
tricycle has three wheels
v3 Beta Feedback
thanks dom
v3 Beta Feedback
when ya play games that ya use the arrow keys it moves da page as well as da game
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no i dont
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the devil killed him
and then the devil tea bagged him agin
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and then the devil tea bagged him
Games consoles
xbox 360
v3 Beta Signups
ya ill do it
1000 Gamers
979 gamer 21 to go
1000 Gamers
965 gamer
35 to go
1000 Gamers
48 to go
1000 Gamers
950 gamer
only 50 to go
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940 gamer
1000 Gamers
937 gamer
1000 Gamers
933 gamer
1000 Gamers
929 gamer
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916 gamer
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912 gamer
Rate the avatar above you
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900 gamer

(the person that got 899 is a bigger twa.t)
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892 gamer
Rate the avatar above you
What do you mean with UNLIMITED AMMO???
LOL wtf
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882 gamer chat is finaly here
WBP March 5th - 13th +10 points
looks great cant wait
word assotiation
the world
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gamer 874
Wat R Sum Good Games
boxhead 2play great game
LOL. Also birds cant fart.FACT
Black ops guns
AK74au grip+rapid fire
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839 gamer
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832 gamer
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828 gamer
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808 gamer
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756 gamer
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751 gamaer
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728 gamer
WBP Feb 20 - Feb 27 +10 Points
3.looks good
WBP Feb 13 - Feb 20 +5 Points
will the live search bar also bring up peoples profiles
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674 gamer
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643 gamer
WBP Jan 30 - Feb 6 +5 Points
looks good dom
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603 gamer
If You Could Change Your Birth Name, What Would It Be?
luk up rick rolled on youtube
WBP Jan 18th - 23rd +5 Points
xbox 360 games
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545 gamer