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and how abut another word game...
with lady gorilla b*tches
word assotiation
Your favorite music
i like rock
What is your dream job?
i wanna be a graphic designer
What is your dream job?
What is your dream job?
and how abut another word game...
i pickle raped me and commited suicide
Fire Alarm!!
perfect time to accidently knock out the teacher and let her burn
cartoon characters
3.tosh from tosh.0
Pet names(No I don't mean animals!)
Favorite video game (any system)
all the assassins creeds
Do you like GamesButler?
Who has the most perverted mind on Gamesbutler?
i think its Dom
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1. no
2. action
3. nope
Story Time
and ate them
Story Time
by pooping on them
Weekly Bonus Points: August 8th - August 15th
looks awesome great job like always
Story Time
and he became a zombie
what are the best shoes
vans nike adidas
more word games
fed him to a monkey
its prob gonna be assassins creed brotherhood or lbp 2
Yet more friken word games
sliced off something very important to me...
word assotiation
thanks for the new word i had no clue what foie gras was so goat
greenday and sum 41 are beast
if u had 100,000$ what would u buy
start a business
more word games
and they all got really bad athletes foot and had to chop off there feet
Story Time
were making up a story ill start there once was a squirrel named furry nuts
which is smarter dog or cat
more word games
drill down in a huge drill mad by a super smart talking monkey named bo-bo and the ship was called the s.s. doodie balls
sream vs jason vs Michael Myers
scream is a retard
ps3vs xbox360 elite
ps3 is way better do any of you even have an xbox to experience the suckiness?
Favorite video game (any system)
assassins creed series is beast
Another Story
theres a purple sausage monkey ripping my grandmas face off!
coke or pepsi
snak or lion
Totally lion.
home run in berzaka land
Another Story
ate some cheese
more word games
i saw a dead chicken so i ate it and got bird flu and flew to hong-kong to find the cure in a jungle
Another Story
who would win mario or sonic
Horse or cow?
i like steak.
more word games
ate the turd barfed, ate the barf, made another dude eat it he barfed i slipped on the barf broke my back went to the hospital jumped out of the window landed on 10 puppies then i wiped the puppy guts of my pants and started to walk
more word games
gas station bathroom stall and punched its face 76 times, kneed it in its unicorn nuts and drowned it in the toilet which had a turd in it
Whoose Your Fav Football Player/Club
soccer bleh
homosexual werewolf
word assotiation
napoleon dynamite "do the chickens have large talons?"
XBOX360 vs PS3
ps3 is way better i used to have xbox 360 and thought it was the best but i went through 2 of them cause all the games froze and both systems got the red ring of death so i said screw this and got a ps3 and all the games are blu-ray discs so they dont get scratched easy and hardly ever freeze so heres some advice get a refurbished ps3 from gamestop with a couple games and youll see its 70 times better
GamesButler VS Twitter!!!
I hate twitter why do you think people care what you are doing every second of every day like "I'm taking a shower!" Nobody cares!!!!!!! So Gamesbutler.