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WBP Nov 7th - 14th (+5 Points)
1) I'm afraid you'll just end up with tons of multiple profiles from users trying to earn some cheap points. Furthermore I don't really like the idea of rewarding users for spamming their friends. It should come naturally and with the right intend - otherwise its just annoying.
2) High scores and achievements.
3) PS3
Giveaway Ideas
Yeah, you're probably right that a phone is a bad idea. Like I said, Xbox is a great idea as well :-)
Giveaway Ideas
That is really cool, Dom, awesome idea. I'm glad to see that this site is doing so well, you honestly deserve it with all the hard work you put into it. An Xbox 360 is a good idea since this IS a gaming site. Another option could be an Iphone, especially people outside US would love that idea since they costs more than $1.000 in Europe. (not sure if the price is around $300 in US, though).
WBP Oct. 31st - Nov 7th + T-shirt Giveaway
1. Points for high scores
2. High score leaderboard
3. Challenges between players
Expected Down Time
Looks good, looking forward to it
wat is your fav tv show and movie
Dexter and The Departed
wats the best movie this year
whoever voted twillight should be banned forever from the internet :)
+5 Bonus Points Oct. 10th - 17th
Awesome new features, Dom. Looking forward to it.
Coke or Sprite?
+10 Bonus Points (WBP: Sept. 26th - Oct. 3rd)
1. Yes to My Games, No to category pages.
2. Yes, I'm only missing 1 achievement.
3. You should be able to choose if you want messages on new profile comments, I find it a bit annoying that I have to delete them all the time. Oh, and highscore points, but you already know that :D
3 Awesome Wishes
Why would you want all the gold in Fort Knox if you already had an infinete supply of money?!?
WBP: Sept. 17th - 26th (+5 Points, 3 T-Shirts)
Happy Birthday, keep up the great work...
I agree, achievements are awesome. Only one missing here, 39 in total.
New Point/Level System
Like I said earlier I think the new point system is awesome. However I think it's a bit weird that high scores still doesn't earn you any points. As it is now there are no reason to go for high scores, thus no reason to keep playing the games when you earn the achievements. Why not make a point system that gives you XX points for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places and if anyone beats your score you loose the points again? That would make sense and only a specific amount of points are handed out in each game.

Other than that, great job...
New Point/Level System
Thumbs up, Dom. The new achievements are really great.

All we need now is a leaderboard for scores/achievements :-)
News about Weekly Bonus Points
I like the idea, just keep in mind that your users are from all over the world and that shipping costs could be a problem for you here.
wats the best movie this year
Inception is a clear winner here. Great story, great acting, great movie...
Update Tester Applications
1. PC
2. IE8, FF3.6.8
3. Yes
Weekly Bonus Points: August 15th - August 22nd
1. Yes!
2. RPG, Point & Click, Puzzle
3. I happily forgot, thanks
Weekly Bonus Points: July 25th - August 1st
1) A few times each day
2) PS3
3) RPG
Weekly Bonus Points: June 20th - 27th
Favorite game(s) of all time: The Final Fantasy series (VII, VIII, X, X-2, XII, XIII). Well perhaps not X-2, but the rest of them.

Celebrate the birthday with a lot of competetitions where users can earn points.

Weekly Bonus Points: June 13th - 20th
5, 3, 4, 1, 2
A Word About Spammers...
Spam could be commercial advertisement but it could also be someone posting numerous messages in every single thread for the sole purpose of earning points. Both are equaly annoying, go play some games instead...
Weekly Bonus Points: May 23rd - May 30th
1. The point system is somewhat hopeless - it rewards spammers, not good players. I understand the fact that you wish to keep the site dynamic but eventually it will do just the opposite when 99 % of all comments and forum posts are nothing but spam. In my opinion you are doing a great disservice to yourself and the site here.

2. When submitting scores the site sometimes lags and don't update the scores on the site. It's pretty annoying if you just spent an hour beating a highscore and it's not updated upon submitting. Hey Lincoln! Dance!
is a good example, take a look at the in-game highscores and compare to the site scores.
Weekly Bonus Points: May 16th - May 23rd
1. Hiscores
2. Only browser games like Travian and Hattrick
3. Nope
4. Nope
5. Chicken Curry
Weekly Bonus Points: May 9th - May 16th
lol, I would give the points to Cathal then.
Weekly Bonus Points: May 2nd - May 9th
1. Nope
2. High-Scores
3. Nope
4. Nope
5. Blue