3 Awesome Wishes

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If you had three wishes, wat would you wish for? (cant wish for more wishes for all of you who would do that lol)
1.)I would wish for the deed to the PlayBoy Mansion which also gives me all the woman in there too
2.)A butler named Watson to go with my mansion
3.)All of the video games in the world!! (either that or world domination)
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1.Kill Ryan Seacrest
2.Make a social network site and earn millions
3.Complete control of earth
pimp petes first wish second wishe would be to live there
haha i have a plan to sneak into the playboy mansion and its full proof. all i need now is a midget
1.world domination
2.an infinete supply of money
3.all the gold in fort knox
Why would you want all the gold in Fort Knox if you already had an infinete supply of money?!?
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the smithsonian, power to control electricity, and complete immortality.
lmao ingolfo has a point there
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actually i change one of the wishes to make randy better.
thats nice. im sure he'll be fine
@ingolfo because gold is better than money
1.unlimited wishes and im good for life lol
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1. Jonathan Coulton to make a come back and make more music
2. Michael Jackson to come back to life and sing again
3. To learn how to dance(for Alice)