+10 Bonus Points (WBP: Sept. 26th - Oct. 3rd)

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Random questionnaire! +10 if you post answers here or message me them:

1. Do you like how My Games are sorted by your plays, and would you want category pages to be sorted this way?
2. Do you try to earn all game achievements or do you give up if it's too hard?
3. One thing that you would change (not add) to improve the site
1. yes i like it, but i wouldn't want category pages like it
2. i try to earn them all
3. more medal games
1.Yes, yes i do and i think there would be no point with the catergorys.
2.I do try but i do also give up if it becomes to hard.
3.More medal games would be good. It's easier to level up.
1. yes
2.well idk some i try some i dont
3.i would change the change avatar by u could upload without saving
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1. Do you like how My Games are sorted by your plays, and would you want category pages to be sorted this way?
2. Do you try to earn all game achievements or do you give up if it's too hard?
I try to but some of the newer games are slightly more challenging.
3. One thing that you would change (not add) to improve the site: Nothing presently comes to mind.
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1. Category pages would be nice.
2. If its too hard i give up, because i get bored or pissed off very fast^^
3. Place the leaderbord on the upper right of the site. I like it if i see the leaderbord without scrolling...dont know why...please^^
1.Yes and yes i would like category pages would be awsome
2.I try my best but thats not much if its to hard i will give up
3.that you can change the little profile bit in the top right corners colour or it changes to your background image
1.Yes I would like the games to be catogorized that way. I would also like if you could suggest other games with simular styles.
2.If its to hard and there are really no tips and or progress i give up usually
3.There is really nothing that i would like you to change.. AGAIN its a great site
yes that would be cool
if its hard i get pissed and give up then go back later to try again
no there is nothing i would like you to change its a cool site
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1) Yes I like it, and yes, that wuld be a great improvement to the category pages.
2) It depends on the game, if i like it or not.Also if it is to hard.
3) Ahh , thats hard. this is a great site. Have a weekly vote on which game is best, and post it on home page for people to play.
1. Yes, i like it. But not sure about having the category pages like that.
2. Yes, and it does depend on the game. But there are a few i gave up on.
3. More medal games.
1.Yes i like it but not category pages
2. Most of the time i try to complete em
3. More madeal games
1 yes love it
2 yes
3 more madel game
1. Yes, and not sure.
2. I always go for achievements. It doesnt matter if i like it or not.
3. More Medal Games. I love going for highscores and achievements!
Yes, i like it
I always try my best
More medal games
1. yes i like it
2. i keep on trying until i get it (or i play halo lol)
3. more medal games
i try to get all of them
more games with score boards and medals
2.I try to get them all, but some are unreasonable
3.Make older games into achievement games
2.i try had to get all but to hard
3.more medal games
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1)sure why not
2)I do what I can I dont care if I dont get it
3)more achievement games
1.yes but no point in categorizing it that way.
2.i try to get all until i cant do it anymore
3.more achievement games
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1.yes and yes
2.i keep trying
3.every new game is a medal game
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1.yes and yes
2.some i stop tryin and some are addicting so i keep on tryin
3.i would go with more medal games
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1. I like how they're sorted. And yes. :]
2. I TRY, but most of the time I give up because I'm just like that. xD
3. Delete some of the games that don't work.
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1.yes i like it and it should not change.
2.i always go for the gold if i can.
3.make leveling up faster and easier
ok dom
#1)i like the way you have it now
#2)i try too but when i have to give the computer up ya
#3)nothing dom (srry i love the site just how it is right now)
this is the best game site i have ever been on dont change a thing
the first time i saw the site i loved it and plus your awesome and all the others on gamesbutler this is the longest thing i have ever posted it is for gamesbutler i love this site and i dont wana see it go down just someone made a stupid mistake .

p.s im trying to improve my spelling some .
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1. Yes, its easy to navigate
2. I try earn them all but some take too much time trying to get good enough to earn them
3. The only thing i can think of to improve is maybe be able to level up easier? apart from that, the site is awesome enough now
1)pongan en español
2)que se puda ganar puntos por cada juego
3)estan buenos los juegos
homertomejia said that
1. things are put in spanish
2. something about points put in each game
3. the games are good
1. Yes to My Games, No to category pages.
2. Yes, I'm only missing 1 achievement.
3. You should be able to choose if you want messages on new profile comments, I find it a bit annoying that I have to delete them all the time. Oh, and highscore points, but you already know that :D
1yes 2. chinese games in it is tto hard some times 3. more medals
2. i try my hardest to get the achievement even if the r difficult
3. more medals
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1. yes i like it but i am not so sure about the category pages.
2. i give up if it is to hard.
3. maybe you could do more medals.
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1. yes i like it, but i wouldn't want category pages like it
2. i try to earn them all
3. more medal games
1.ya its great
2.keep trying
3.more achivement games
i like it
when it gets rough i dont stress so i stop
more with achievements
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1. Yes and no
2. I definitely try for all the medals except for the Ozzy one cuz I'm stuck on a level
3.More medal games!
3.3D avatars :D
1.)not really I wish they were in alphabetically because it makes them easier to find and play.

2.)I don't give them up but I don't go for them all that would be reallly hard

3.)change how you listeed the games but in to add to would be more games
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1. i think they should be like in alphabetically it would be easier to find thim 2. if its hard yes but if its not hard then no 3.medals
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1.i would like them be better in alphebetically bcuz it would be easier to find games.

2.umm i do try to get all echievements.

3.umm more medals i guees would be good.
1. yes i like it
2. i keep trying
3. put more medals
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1. Its perfectly fine the way it is! I love it!
2. I let my bro do it. :O
3. I say I think there should be a chatroom. Where all the games butler people can chat about games! \
Thanks DOM!!
1.it's ok.
2.depends how much I like the game and yes.
3.better compatability with laptops and fix some of the games so they're less buggy.
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1. i like it, and would like category pages to be sorted this way also
2. depends on how hard it is. if im stuggling to get the 5 pts ones, than tha higher ones i dont go for
3. less ads
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2.depends if its a good game and how hard.
3.nothing comes to mind :)
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2.no i dont attempt
1.yes and i an not under standing what you are asking
2.if it is fun then i try try try and try again. I try to acheve them though
3.make games have points and more medel games
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1. yes...yes
2. i depends on if the game is fun
3. idk i guess more medals