Weekly Bonus Points: May 23rd - May 30th

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What's one thing you don't like about GamesButler?? +5 points!
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do not know what the secret games, place them something that distinguishes them.
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I don't like how there's not much of an option on communicating. There's mail and posting on each others wall. I'd like a better way to talk to friends. Maybe a chat thing?
i dont like how u hav to get to a profile to look at forums they should be on all the pages
the ads around the game
i like everything, this website is flawless but the thing that i dont like is that im not in 1st place!! lol jk
Manu32: Secret games link is now in the header
Paradox: Chat *is* in the works but in a brainstorming stage right now
Cdog123: There is a forum link in the footer
Like a Boss: That probably won't change anytime soon

Again all points will be given at the end of the week, but I'll try to reply to this thread as often as possible.
i reckon there should be a "forums by ........" thing on your page
the only 1 thing i hate about gamesbutler?? hmm....that would be...the fact that there are few bloody games..i just love blood shedding..either that or lack of HD games...everything else is just awsome esppecially the point giving system!
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Limited profile content!

Game websites like GamesButler must add a social touch:
1. Add options for likes, dislikes, favourite food, places of interest, favourite category of games(combo box, which, once selected, includes a link to those games on GamesButler), etc...

2. Include options to connect to facebook, myspace, twitter etc...

3. Include comment reply option, so users can keep track of reply-to-comments.

4. Have Kids-safe games in a separate section.

5. Have challenges and tournaments.
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I like it, because Gamesbutler is pretty simple and good made! I like the Highscore ranking and of course the games ;)
i dont like it when orangutans frequently attack me.
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Good to learn about the secret games... and perfecting timing for me :)

An excellent site, made better with this particular feedback forum. Keep up the good work Dom
i dont like on some games that it takes forever to load
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I don't like the default avatar
carnage217: If you go to your profile, there is Forum Posts: XXX, the number (XXX) is click-able.
ARVX: Very good suggestions! The reply to comments and facebook integration is on the list of things to do :)
Agent Kittie: Load times usually depend on your internet connection.
Solo, Grhm: Go to his profile, click 'remove from friends' then click 'block'
Your Mother: It's bad to make people want to change it ;)
ummmmmmmmmmm thats a hard question how not all games are highscore games there are not a lot and how we dont get points for commenting on peoples profiles
We really need more ways to chat. And the profile comment system could use some tweaking. A way to comment on posts, as previously mentioned, would help a lot. More highscore games would be amazing :D Other than that, I absolutely love the site! Another idea, by the way: what about having some extra rewards system on the site? Like for playing 100 games, getting so many first place highscores, and other achievements. Just an idea :) As rewards, you could have extra features for your profile, extra-secret games, etc.
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what i dont like is when u click ur name it goes right to ur profile i like the old way
that you can't lock your profile
like anyone can see it and add you ask you to be there friend
kellythecatwoman: Some sort of achievement system is the next step :) good ideas!
Mooch: You're the first to complain! I'll see if anyone else likes it the old way
girldolphin98: Go to: http://www.gamesbutler.com/edit_profile/ at the way bottom there is an option to who can see your profile.
I think the site is awesome it's the best site I know. GO GAMESBUTLER!!!
also can highscores be immediately be posted on ur profile as soon as u submit one?
What do you mean Like a Boss?
like as you get a high score it gets posted on ur profile
oh i have an idea dom!! on the bottom right of the page, there should be a chat button and when you click it, it opens up all of your friends who are online!! Then you click there name then you can chat with them quicker instead of sending message after message after message
^tht would kinda be like FB chat
wat are you talking about? theres no such thing as facebook. it doesnt exist right guys?
if there isnt such as a thing as facebook y did u call it tht? (i said fb)
..... no comment lol
I h8 that u have to get 2000 points to become a gold member
Like a Boss: It kind of does that with Recent activity, how would you want it to be different?
destroyer12: Only 350 for silver!
Peter the Pimp: Too much like FB ;) There will be a chat feature eventually, as stated before it's in the brainstorming phase
how bout a funny video section that members can post links to funny videos or photos, cause i have a awhole bunch of em
it was just a thought cuz ppl post their scores on their info and i was just wondering if there was an easier way to have that shown
Ah I see. I was originally going to add that with the new profile design but left it out. I'll play around with it!
i like the old when u click ur name thing as well
the ads
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hmmmmmmm, i wish there was better secret games
k thx dom
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dom ive got really into a game and then BAM! i misclick onto an add can you plz plz move the ads away from the game 1/2 to 1 inches.
@yurtmn thts wht i ment wit the ads
Ads should open in a new window. Is that still an issue? If you accidentally click on them you should be able to go back to the game almost instantaneously. If not let me know and I'll add a little more space between ads and the game.
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what i dont like is the fact that you cant access your inbox and things like that whenever you want
?? thats good Supergamer. some of recieve a lot of messages
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Not Enough Secret Games
supergamer: You can, just click the mail icon in the header next to your name.
Ch0wder: More on the way!
not much send score games and very hard to get scores i meaan try to make the scores go high AGAIN like it was before(u know until u chenged it)
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I don't like the fact that you only get one point for submitting a high score. Well, more of the fact that you get the same points for getting, say, a top five or top ten score. Maybe if someone holds a top ten score for a week or so you should consider delving out some more points?
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