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who watches wwe wrestleing
ya i dont waste my time watching two grown men through fake punches to make millions to spend it on crap like bowtox injections and other crap so yeah
what would u do with 9 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 lol???
i would start a dog rescue for alldogs and one for cats and than one for pit bulls only and one for rottwilers and then boxers and all other dogs get a huge profit save a lot of dogs and retire happy with a lot of money and dogs
Awesome thingy!!!!
wat the h*** is all of that some one plzz explan it to me cause i am lost
wow it kinda tells you some thing wen you are saying stuff like that
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wow thats really cool
word assotiation
dad? im not excatly sure that mum means mom so i gussed
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Go to games butler where you get handed games on a silver plater

i just thought of that and i dont no how
Plan To Sneak Into PB Mansion!
or you could have some one who doesnt want to go in pretend to be a sales person create a distraction and have every one sneak inso then the salesperson does not have to go in but u go in and ur not in a cake or a trojan horse
Who has the most perverted mind on Gamesbutler?
hmm well this an odd forum oh and getting perverted when cheerleaders walk by is not perverted is something else if u were smart u would no wat i mean but for the stupid people out there (which is a lot of people) i mean hor*** and if u dont get that then u should just go dig a hole then jump in it and dont come out.
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yes that would be cool
if its hard i get pissed and give up then go back later to try again
no there is nothing i would like you to change its a cool site
Perfect Yo Mamma Joke
yo mamma so ugly that wen she was born she was put in an incubater with tinted windows
yo mamma so ugly the doctor is still smacking her a**
yo mamma so fat police use her as a road block
yo mamma so fat she needs a 6 piece bikini
yo mamma so fat that u have to poke her with a stick to make sure she is alive
hola estoy bein tee hee hi but y would u make a fourm like this cuz i was hezitating to open it
Wow, a word game about love!?
and tried to eat me
XBOX360 vs PS3
xbox 360
Wow, a word game about love!?
then they ran outside
horror storys
ok the oncoming storm is there an end to ur story
what are the best shoes
Help for you!
wth are talking about
which is better cellphone or computer
thanks for posting
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ya its really cool i like how you can see how many of ur friends are online
which is smarter dog or cat
which do u think is smarter dor or cat put which one u think is smarter and y
word games
its a word game post something that makes sense with the last post u can put up to five words yay i will start

i ate a frozen pie
hey im new here
how nice (sarcasum intended) cesar24 and way to make a first impersion chirs22
which is better milk chocolate or dark chocolate
which would u rather eat milk chocolate or darkchocolate

i would have to choose darkchocolate
coke or pepsi
tee hee coke deffintaly
which is better cellphone or computer
i would say fone cause u can get internet on fones plus txting is faster than email
dessert island
if u were stranded on a dessert island what are 5 things u would bring
Going Away
ya dont leave
word game
here i will start

i went to town
word game
u have to rite a story only using up to 3 words and it has to make sense
which is better cellphone or computer
which is better or which would u rather have so if u pick phone then u would rather live with a fone than an computer so with that ............
monkey with out gun
Hey dom ideas for gb everyone post ideas
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few times a day
fone xbox
puzzle and sniper
Weekly Bonus Points: July 25th - August 1st
1)once wen my sister does not hog the computer maybe twice if i am lucky
2)cellphone xbox 360 if my sister will let me touch it ds lite
3)puzzle and sniper
more word games
and then the lava turned into an abyss ( and for some of u who dont no wat an abyss is it is a bottomless hole )
Hi I'm New
hey is i kill u from the jeff dunham show?
ya u seem a little mad opp102

tee hee
Storytime! :D
ok i dont no how to respond to any of this
Yo mama
yo mammas so fat she keeps twinkeys in her fat folds tee hee
Vs. Mode
ok off topic martin13 but how bout dog vs. cats also chocolate vs.vinalla
wats the best movie this year
ur prob rite Mr Awesome but i think toy story 3 or eclipse
Why do we did to be 13
on other sites u have to be 13 or they wont let u on
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what is love
ok this a very sad forum but really dude love is not something u see or feel its something u no wen ur in love u will no it and just to let u no i did not say any of this my friend did
wats better being a girl or a guy
ok scarecrow how did u go from saying crap bout girls to life in harmony and the genders are equal
The fun word game
Dom the butler do you like him
i dont even no him and i still think hes awsome
1 word, word game
also (gun Y.M.M. i virtually tell u to have a virtual slap with ur computer
chicken came first cause god made one that laid and egg