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I'm going to die.
cover urself in peanut butter and throw urself into a crowd of dogs ( or catnip and cats)
For old time's sake...
story time?
WBP Oct. 31st - Nov 7th + T-shirt Giveaway
1.chating during games
2.more achievements
3.more rewards for getting to the differents lvls :[) :3
Any writers?
wow torrey that friken amazing p.s heheheh ogling heheheh funny
bye paradox
bye even tho i didnt no u very well it seems as if everyone loved u :(
WBP: Sept. 17th - 26th (+5 Points, 3 T-Shirts)
happy birthday to you chachacha happybirthday to you chachacha happybirthday dear gamesbutler happy birthday to you!!!! scooby doo lol
more word games
then the gunpowder exploed from my butt fumes
more word games
and they felt guilty but wen they shot each other in the belly button they didnt die so they had to live the rest of their live wit mutated belly buttons
Update Tester Applications
2.internet explorer
Weekly Bonus Points: August 15th - August 22nd
1.? i guess
more word games
took out machine guns and......
more word games
and they were happily cruding on everyone below so the people.....
Weekly Bonus Points: August 8th - August 15th
kool i love it and i saw my avatar!! :D but anyway i like the friends history and just that whole part much more organized
more word games
having feet and that insulted them
new word gamestarting whit
so they took me to the hospital
what are the best shoes
vans,converse,any kind of skating shoes, nike,
more word games
so thena person with feet walked into their town and they (plentaful13 ur suppose to type something that ties in with the story)
more word games
so then they all walked on their hands and evolved were they always walked on their hands
more word games
so he started new life somehow and everyone wore flipflops called flipfloptopia
i like greenday and carrie underwood and classical (when im doing homework or need to take a nap)
if you are new
if u post here? im not new just wanted to post
more word games
the cure waz in the earths core so i had to.....
more word games
and then it ran away so i followed it to a.....
more word games
i will grant u 3 wishes
Weekly Bonus Points: August 1st - August 8th
i love the friends part how it shows how many r online and i like how it shows the medals and highscores i dont like the limted space on the about me part but its defintly more organized
more word games
then since everyone waz dead i went to c god and he sed:
more word games
and played that until the world ended
Random Trivia
ahhhhhhh to much knowledge!!!! it hurts!!
more word games
and played until i waz blind
zombie donkey!!!!
need help POST HERE
how do i put a bacround on that i got from the internet??????
No More Clan Invites
so no more clan invites that kinda sucks o well thats kools i guess
background and avatar help
ya i need help with tht 2 how do i put a bacround on my profile from the internet like ive tried a lot but it wont work i copied the website in the main search engine and pasted it to the customize box and it wont work
more word games
so i bought a.........
which is better milk chocolate or dark chocolate
ummmm we r talking about chocolate ihk2 but i agree i like water better
which is better milk chocolate or dark chocolate
DARK CHOCOLATE come to the dark side carnage lol jkjk
Updated Homepage + Footer design
great i think the logo shud be bigger but its good i still dont like the leaderboard how its so low but i dont no were else to put it so its kool!!
Slight data loss
yea i waz really confused wen there were games on the page from 2 weeks ago
more word games
then i waz very rich
which is better cellphone or computer
hmmmmmmmm.....................fone i cant live without txting
Hey dom ideas for gb everyone post ideas
videos and let members post them that wud be awesome
awwwwwwwwwww bye :'(
Weekly Bonus Points: July 25th - August 1st
1. every day!!!!
2. i hav an x-box but i dont really use it so nothing
3.puzzle, adventure, action, and score games

hey my b-day is august 13 th yaaaaaa
Going Away
pete my computer is really crappy but i just love this site so much!! :^{)
Weekly Bonus Points: July 18th - July 25th
awesome a lot of people wrote about it and they wrote a lot
Vs. Mode
devil vs. god fire vs. water tv vs. radio
more word games
and then i sued the park owner for having a random abyss in his park
Weekly Bonus Points: July 18th - July 25th
i like how the more new games show more in case u missed some of the games and i like how the daily game is really big and in the center and describeing it more than the other games i dont like how the leaderboard is at the bottom i think it shud be more to the top so the people who hav the most points get noticed i also dont like how the the popular games r so low either and i like how the game of the day has how many plays also i wud like to c more description of the game of the day like hav people rate it and have some comments of it to theside. i like how u change up everything and how its more organized space wise how everything has a bit more space and i love how u hav facebook connection i think u shud include a tab for the forums i like the walkthrus and how theres more listed and how it tells u how many more there r and i love how its so easy to use and how even new members can navigate there way around the page without asking u or anybody else i just love this new page so much its awesome
uuuuuuhhhhhhhh thats a little debateable i love gamesbutler no doubt but youtube has amzing and funny videos so i think they r about the same