Hey dom ideas for gb everyone post ideas

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maybe a chat bar!!!
you stole my topic idea, lol! Most of the new features are already set in stone for the next update, so any ideas posted here, I'll just let you know if it'll be in the update or not.

chat will eventually come to GB, not in the next update though
more games and can you put music on gb
and vids
that would be cool
a thing on the profile page that displays all the highscores u have in games and auto updates
videos and let members post them that wud be awesome
@helloperson: yes that's coming with the update

when it comes to videos, pictures, music there is no plan to add those to the main site as the site is called gamesbutler ;) and I want to focus on the best site for games. With that said feel free to link to videos and pics on the forums and if it becomes popular enough I'll add a video section to the forums
a comment deleter. to delete your comments.
comment deleter and friend suggestions
^both coming