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The 'report button' is now up on the forums! I will soon implement it to game comments and user profiles, but I want to fix any issues first.

For each spam post that I delete that you reported, you will get 1 point!

What to report: Only report spam and inappropriate comments.
You will lose a bunch of points if you report a bunch of comments that are not spam or inappropriate. If you don't know what a spam-my or inappropriate comment is, then don't click the report button.
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What if I report your comments?
You can't any longer. Before you could but I was still doing some tests
Just fixed some bugs/issues. If you see one of your posts is blank or missing it is because the report button was buggy, fixed now!
oh nice!
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Sweet :D Good to see that your working up on this :D
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yes, at last
Spam is disgusting good thing you are throwing it out
spam rhymes with yam, and cam, and tam, and bam, and am, and yam, oh wait i said yam already lol
good job fixing the problem, now nobody can run into the promblem.
What If the person posts like a letter then can I Report?
what do you mean? Anything that you find inappropriate, spam or unrelated to the topic, report it!
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