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What Is Your Favorite Pokemon?
None...they all kinda suck :/
PS4 or Xbox One
Xbox 4 da win!!!
What accent you like the most?
Finnish, OMG so hot!
A Million Ways to Die
Eaten by ants? 1 million ants, imagine that...
Post Lyrics of your favorite Songs!
Underoath - Moving for the Sake of Motion

Someone please turn the lights back on
I've been wandering here for days, disconnected, and in search for new air to breathe in

I don't think I can fix this
Don't think I could change

But that's the problem
We never speak to Him
Our closing walls have caged us in
And I can't quite remember

This was the first time I didn't say enough
This was the only time I kept it close enough

Brace yourself! They're not waking up

Oh, my god
I hate the me that I've become,
This needy useless forgetting one
Truthfully I can't be the me that I've washed up to be

Don't stop breathing
The walls have just begun to spin
Just let the water calm you this time
It's all around you, just open your eyes and take a look
It will never kill you; not this time

It's all around you
We're surrounded for all I care

Brace yourself right now
Lights out random breathing
I can't keep swimming, can't keep my head up
What are you listening to now?
Hoodie Allen - Cake Boy :D
Do people still do tis anymore??
do you play outlast? When do you play it?
Yo can you use www.paysafecard.com/en-ca/ for Outlast?? I've got some extra bucks left on my card :)