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Jordan~ 32
118 months ago
I see what you did there.
Tyson15 8
107 months ago
Stage 1: Press the red button on the TV
2: Click your eyes
3: Click the triangle on the right door, then enter it
4:Click head until you get gas mask, then click on the pipe segments to get them all to connect
5:Click the villagers' grass skirts twice
6:Click zipper on bull's neck
7:When the wizard makes you human, click his wand
8:Click the car just enough times to get the front wheel past the flag
9:Keep clicking yourself until you leave the screen
10:Click the WORD Trollface 10 times, not the actual face
11:Click the black button on the top right corner of the game screen twice, then click the "WIN" button
12:Drag the candy to the face without touching any black lines, then, still holding the candy, move above the face to leave the maze and safely get to the "Next level" button (be sure to not touch black lines, even after you go above the face)
13:Click the green triangles to dodge the first 2 black squares, then click one of the last 2 squares to make them disappear, clearing the road
14:Click the stone right before it hits you
15:Click the green button 99 times. On the final time, the buttons switch colors, so the right button will be green on the last click
16:A button will appear on the top right corner of the game screen soon before you die. Click that button to pass
17:Click all of the faces with moving mouths. After the time runs out, click the troll face on the "Level failed" screen to pass
18:Press "Jump" at the right moments to jump over the first 2 sets of holes, but don't jump over the last set or you will die
19:Press the notes 3,1,4, then 2 (in order from the left to right)then click your head
20:Click on the wires, then click the red button on the TV
ctfxc 7
118 months ago
it was a tricky game
Troll 9
118 months ago
kiko, all you have to do is click the 9 troll faces and then when you fail, click the troll face that pops up beside the restart button.
edhelper 10
118 months ago
need help i will tell you 1st level do not cut the wire just press the button located on the T.V 2nd level the man is holding two types of sweets press the boy's head not the man who is holding the sweets 3rd level there are two toilets the gents toilet is locked womans toilet is open click the woman made on the door 4th level click the boy's head 5 times and make puzzle 5th level there are 3 wild hunters click their head only 1 time and click their leaves witch they are wearing 6th level click the zip of the bull located behind his horns click it 7th click the stick he is holding when you are human 8th level click the car get near the green flag wait sometime until it stops belive me it will stop then finish the level 9th level just keep clicking the boy 10th level click troll face writen up of the screen want more ask me in my folder
probe 210
probe 210 9
118 months ago
lovethis game thumbs up if u hav completed it
|FBG$| VeKo
|FBG$| VeKo 33
118 months ago
technically, you have to fail to beat the "find the 10 trollfaces" level
kiko 4
118 months ago
hate the part when says CLICK ON TORLL FACE 10 TIMES
lwm2004 7
118 months ago
the one with wall comeing both ways how do you do it
[XprT]Vesta 26
118 months ago
Easy.... And funny
left4deadboom er 2
108 months ago
Oh God, Saw Remake.

AnnaLiza 2
109 months ago
Lol I got to the trollface then it saids click next level then the candy fell down And I restarted again
dspike90 18
110 months ago
Once you played it five times you master at it!!!!(READ MY TEXT HELP IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!!!)
dspike90 18
110 months ago
First Level:click the power button on the T.V

Click his eyes (NOT THE AGENTS EYES)

Click the blue doors symbol then click the blue door

Click his face till he has a gas mask on. Then fit the tubes together in the right place

Click the one of the indians wearing leaves on them then click the indains ****** lower to his hips (NOT HIS LEGS)

Click The zipper on the Bull (THAT IS REALLY A COSTUME)

Click his Magic Wand when you turn to a person

Keep Clicking the car till it barely touches the green flag.Then move slower and after each move click the flag

Click his face till he go past the screen

Click the word ("Trollface!") 10 times

Go to the upper right corner and click the black button 2 times ten click win

Complete The maze then carry your piece of candy out of the maze and bring it on ("Next level") sign and click


Click The Buttons as the ball Barely hits what pops out then at the end click the Ball that is right in front you.
Click The green Button 99 times then switch to where the red button was and click it

Go to the top right corner then wait till you see a small grey circle Then click on it!

Click nine troll faces then click the troll face to the left of ("Restart")

Jump Over the three circles belowe you then walk past the last three circle group

Click Yellow first then pink,then Click the green circle then the light pink one,Then Click His Face.

Click The wires,Then Click the power button on the T.V!!


Please Rate This A Thumbs Up If It Helped In Anyway,By:Dizzy Duck

118 months ago
awesome and funny!
squirtle 2
118 months ago
oh my god way to easy
Franky 25
118 months ago
Copmared to other point-and-klick-games, this one is rather easy
|FBG$| VeKo
|FBG$| VeKo 33
118 months ago
If you get stuck, visit the "Game Help" above; don't post a comment
lwm2004 7
118 months ago
beat it what with him screaming no at the end
elijahgillls 6
118 months ago
click them dont restart clic on troll face
PrezidentGunz 4
118 months ago
how u do car lvl
lwm2004 7
118 months ago
not that one the one with the wepons on the walls
racheal 2
118 months ago
how do u do the one when it says find 10 faces in 10 seconds
cats17100 9
118 months ago
TasosP 45
53 months ago
This is a pretty good game.