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So, get two katanas. Let's say that the blades are about 2.87 feet long each.

Then get a roll of ducktape and ducktape them together like some ghetto Darth Maul.

BUT! That's not it! Now, go get an SMA connector and some wire. Using your powers over solder, solder the inner connection of the SMA connector to one blade and another to the other.

Now, what we now have here is a dipole antenna sword. All you need is a steel enforced coaxial cable and a radio.

Then, get into a battle! Kill your opponent with your new dipole antenna sword. When you're done, broadcast your taunt against your dead opponent on FM radio because the blade lengths allow it to ideally radiate in the 85.7 MHz range.

Now, you may wonder why I posted that. The correct answer is I decided that we need to create new stupid plans. So go make them or not. See what I care. I'm just some guy with nothing to do on a Saturday night but to post.
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0.o This forum makes me nervous.
When the Mayans talked about the end of the world, they were actually talking about me. And my bunny hordes.
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Yes, it's a very laughable thought.
Hey, you have any better suggestion? We need people to say stuff and I planned to do it!

Thus, I did it!
Sneak into the PB mansion...?
We may need weapons if it's guarded. That's where I come in...I guess.
Sneak into the PB mansion?
Endless nights here we come!
Perfect, so that's our new plan then...sounds... ...