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A few years later - *inserts Spongebob narrators voice*
Rambling and thank you
I'm not sure what compelled me to come back here. rnrnMy name is Jake, I'm 19 years old and I've had this account since 2009, nearly a decade at the time of writing this. rnrnWhen I made this account, I was in the fourth grade. Today I'm a college sophomore majoring in GIS at Tarleton State University. I like the outdoors, kayaking and hiking specifically. A lot has happened to me in the past 10 years but I want to write about this website and its impact on me. rnrnI was 10 when I created this account. Back when there were no forums (shocking, right?) I don't remember many other accounts, but I'm sure if I open my friends list I will be hit with a wave of nostalgia I am not yet ready to drown in. There were no points and ratings or whatever. It was just games people played and the comment sections of them. Bet you can open up Doodieman or Splitter 2 and find my childhood thoughts in the form of weird comments. rnrnThe opening of forums was a gateway to me. It was were I would go after school and respond to all my friends and my clan (FBG$ for life!!!) It was an important sense of community and belonging that every child needs. I invited my brother and my friend Chase to make accounts so they could get in on the action as well. I can't remember their usernames but I will someday. rnrnThese games were by all means my childhood. Every day was a new flash game, a new high score to beat, a new friend made, and always great time had. I don't remember why I left in 2013. Maybe my 7th grade self was too cool. I had bought an xbox and minecraft was all the rage, nobody is playing computer games anymore! rnrnI logged back on 3 years ago. 2016. I was a sophomore in high school.It was the same thing as now, but a few more people online. I only recognized one person, and I don't even remember who they were now.rnrnThis feels like a poor way to end my rambling but I don't know why I bother. The last post on the forums was 5 months ago. 5 months from now it will be January 2020. Who knows how much longer this site will be up? Who knows how much longer before people forget their login info, or even if this website existed? I'm a sucker for this kind of stuff, leaving my mark in the most obscure places. One time I wrote "Jake was here" on top of a door frame. Who the hell is gonna look up there? Few people if anybody will see this message but I hope those who do leave a reply, or get in contact with me on social media. It's nice having someone to share nostalgia with. rnrnSo yeah, I guess this is it. Keep in touch if you'd like to hear more stories and experiences. I've got plenty, believe me. Special thanks to everybody for making my childhood full of wonder, community, laughter, and excitement.rnrn-JakernrnInstagram: @jacobdoesitallrnSnapchat: hake.jines
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Good lord I haven't been on in a while. How's everything been?rn
Well hot damn
I've been gone for a while back. My last account login was my brother discovering my notebook with all of our online passwords in it, and he logged in to do god knows what.

I've been absent for so damn long though, pretty much everybody I know or did know hasn't logged in for the longest times.

I'm feeling like Robinson Crusoe here, gone for a long time in a distant land, only to return and its the same but different.

Anybody wanna help an old time user like me out? Be my friend, get to know me? Don't have very many people like that in my life these days.
What are you listening to now
X-Kid by Green Day
best yo mamma joke ever!!!!!!!!!
our kids will here us mention the twinkie
those kids will have 0 idea what a twinkie is.
best yo mamma joke ever!!!!!!!!!
remember the days when i was an active member?
[Official]TDOR {DEAD: Saved for Archive}
*Round house kicks everythingin sight and kills everyone. This has ended everything and there is nothing you can do about it cuz the world is gone the end*
best yo mamma joke ever!!!!!!!!!
yo mamas so old she left her purse on noahs ark!
your moma battle!!!! :P
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You'll see...
^ no I do not
> yea i guess so. If your into that stuff.
v are you from the United Kingdom.
Sup guys? I know I have'nt been on for a while. School and all that crap. But I've got a game for yall. Not like Saw or anything. So the object of the game is make pictures out of symbols on the computer keyboard. Like the ROFLcopter. Or the FAIL WHALE. Stuff like that.

Rate the avatar above you
10/10 cuz i loved scary movie
BEWARE THE RickRolls and the Nyans!! REPEAT BEWARE!

Rate the avatar above you
7/10 don't like naruto much
Immensely Immense.
New activity feed/game feed ideas (+10 points)
i agree with Naglz
Epic Rap Battles
Loved that one.
I am currentlly gone. Please send Nyan cat. He is my emergency contact.

Sincerely Chuck Norris.
Gay Things
SOOO doing it right

King AJ's Castle
You'll see...
^From Battle: Los Angeles, MARINES DON'T QUIT! MARINES DON'T QUIT! (the guy was talking to a kid who just lost his father.)
> Hey someone is standing behind you!
V Why are you answering me?
Yo Mama >.<
Chuck Norris jokes

Oh this morning, chuck norris gargled peanut butter instead of mouthwash!
You'll see...
^I had no clue
> I feel drowsey
V Do you eat key lime pie? (VERY GOOD)
Chuck Norris jokes
Yo Mama >.<
King AJ's Castle
May I use it? PLZ!
Yo Mama >.<
Yo mama is like a vacume cleaner she sucks she blows and gets laid in the closet!
Whatz a lynching?
Prepare for long days in an anime world :*(
King AJ's Castle
No! Lets use something worse! Guns and Grenades!!!!! And Saurons cudgel! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Epic Rap Battles
20,000 Members!
Good days those were.
Yeah! Coordinator baby
Another Story
Eat donuts! But they were poisoned and everyone died.
OMG!!!! READ THIS!!!!!!!
Too infinity and beyond? Really Buzz Lightyear? There is no beyond infinite! 
King AJ's Castle
Yay for the PB bunnies!!!
add me as a friend!!
He is a fake who thinks I still live in my house.
new word gamestarting whit
Along with your sister.
im new
You really just just ripped off the real Slashers name. Poser!
DUN DUN DUN Juggalo!
add me as a friend!!
He is the original. He e mailed me so
WBP Sept. 4-11th. +10 Points
Pretty good. I am impressed!

Name the best weapon! I will ref. First is Charles vs Sauron! GO!
New Plan
Sneak into the PB mansion?
Endless nights here we come!
Whatz a lynching?
I belive lynching is hanging, and the image is a facepalm.