I Quit Must Dash User Levels

Popular user made levels to the game I Quit Must Dash. Make your own level to be featured.

I Quit Must Dash User Levels

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Choose Your Own Adventure
Which path will you choose?

It's a Trap!
Be very careful!

Insanely hard user level.

West Wing
Fun not too hard level.

On Your Toes
Stay on your toes!

Floating Acid
How does acid float?

Maze 2
Another maze level

Tiny Jumps
Hint: A lot of small jumps.

Saw Jump
Looks easy, but it's not!

A chaotic level!

Big Brother
Tricky level with a lot of cameras!

Leap of Faith
Insane level with a giant acid pit.

Casual Challenge
Not too hard, not too easy.

Hard Road Ahead
A level with a lot of traps!

A very hard maze level, best of luck!

To the Top
Can you reach the top of the corporate ladder?