Temple Run Online

Play the famous game Temple Run online today! The mobile game is now online in this new version of Temple Run

Temple Run Online

The mobile game Temple Run is now online for you to play free under the alias Island Runner! Jump and dash over the obstacles without getting tripped up! How far can you run with each try? After you fall, upgrade your character and try again!

Use the Z key to jump and the X key to dash. The goal is to jump over the gaps between each platform. Use your dash ability or the double jump feature to get over the larger gaps. The farther you go the more money is awarded to you. Use this cash to upgrade your runner so you can run further and earn more bonuses!

In this game there are eight different runners for you to unlock. After unlocking them all you can brag to your friend you mastered the web version of temple run! Use fast hand eye coordination to time the run and jump correctly. Once you safely land on a platform you need to be ready to jump again! This game is fast paced so get ready for some intense action. Compete online for a high score, play against friends and most of all enjoy the game.

You probably need Temple Run all day so this web version should help your addiction! Temple Run and Temple Run Oz online!

9/10 Really enjoyed this version of Temple Run. Can't wait for Temple Run 2

Temple Run Online

Play and enjoy!