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The Ctrl+V Game
(•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) yeah, deal with it
The person you hate most.

I hate Justin Beiber T.T
Help with Min-hero tower of sages
I don't know if this is happening to other people too, but whenever I quit the game (After saving as well of course) and go back into the game, I find my data completely gone. This has happened to me at least 4 times, does anyone know why? If so please respond to this so I can try and stop the data getting deleted, or at least find the cause of it. ~JoltCario
my little pony rules
Originally posted by Rainbow Dash is best Pony
Originally posted by good03ssssssssss
lol, if he hates mlp then DESTROY HIM!
Rate the avatar above you
9.5/10 pretty cool, (btw I couldn't find any Jolteon/Lucario hybrid pics so this pic had to do for now)
Crossbreed pokemon
Originally posted by sharkdogs
my little pony rules
I think mlp is badass thanks to Pinkie Pie Derpy Hooves and Rainbow Dash :3 Anyone who dislikes any of those pony's shall be shunned in the depths of the Nether by Discord and Luna >:3
post the craziest image you can

Charizard! Use Hyper Beam!
Crossbreed pokemon

Just by looking at the image then the name, I cracked up XD
Crossbreed pokemon

Dugtrio revenge XD
Crossbreed pokemon

Gamefreak, I demand that you create this Eeveelution NOW