Old Games now With High Scores Part 2

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now that's what I call awesome, thanks
yes that is awesome! more high scores to try and get!
More games: Castle Clout: http://www.gamesbutler.com/game/2699/Castle_Clout/
and Castle Clout 2: http://www.gamesbutler.com/game/2743/Castle_Clout_2/

If you missed it I also added scores to Monster Truck 2: http://www.gamesbutler.com/game/2751/Monster_Truck_2/
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I really like Refrigerator Rampage 2, now it's a highscore game! XD
there needs to be a highscore for thing thing areana
ya es yes oh yes!!!!!
yay! goody more highscores!
i hope he dose make thing thing arean highscore
Thanks Dom!