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i had a ak-47
but i lost it !
so i stole one
it fires great
gun rock?
so i got drunk
and cops came
i ran and triped
da damn thing went off
i got shot and bled out in pain
so they took me to the hospital
i died and ... ------------------------------------------- i came back
"WHERE IS MY AK!!!???" i shouted
but no one herd, i thought it, AHHHHH! there cuttin me open, on an operatin table
i saw my hart
still beating as the removed it, they put this clear thing in that looked just like a heart
but it was a bom
so they turned away and i saw a knife and
stabbed them all with it
they died all 357 of them
i didn't want to live so i choped myself to bits
but alians came and
put me back togheter
then i went to the moon with them
so i sead i was one of them and
murdered them all
with a brand NEW ak!
and got the ufo
and blew up earth with it
so i went to a planet named
and u did not want to be there because
they were
so i went to another planet named zombie land and
the zombies killed me
dammit not again, but i wass reserected and on to a new life
and i killed them all
and went to candy land to
i ate candy lane and
then a candy monster came
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so i bit off its head.. and as its newgety brains flowd out i thought
i hate life
Level 6
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so i shot myself in the head with revolver multipule time but apperantly i hav the same crap coating my bones as Wolverine so i dicide to
go to visite wolverine to
ask for edvice, "I HATE THIS LIFE!!!"
he said i was going to be on xmen team and
i sh*t my pants
i ran off but
they caught me so i
peed my self
and got into of there machine that gave me the power to
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