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I'm Looking for a Specific Game
Update: i have already found the game. it's i only have 1 day
I'm Looking for a Specific Game
I am looking for a specific game that, if my memory serves, should be found on this website but i have forgotten the name. it's a game where you have one day to get back into your body and it's set in medieval times. there are a few harry potter references and it is a note-taking based game. If anyone can tell me the title I would be very grateful.
What accent you like the most?
To be honest, any European accent. But I find it interesting that I live in Colorado and we have our own accent(?) where we rarely pronounce the "t" sound in some words. (For example; instead of saying "mounT-in" we pronounce it more like "moun'in")
cartoon characters
i could go on a huge rant about what it truly means to be the best/worst/whatever but i really don't feel like it sornrnmy favorite character in any cartoon would probably have to be Jenny from My Life as a teenage Robotrnrnmy least favorite (i am assuming that is what OP meant by 'stupid') would probably be the most modern incarnation of Beast Boy in the awful Teen Titans Rebootrnrnand the funniest character i can think currently would probably be Tina Belcher from Bob's Burgersrnrn
My Chemical Romance
what do u think is cool school or home
home because when i'm at home i was sleep for fifteen hours without repercussion, while at school i have to like...talk to people...and do math
question to answer month
what is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?
what would be your best / worst date moment
best- not going on a daternworst- going on a date
yo wuddup?
What are you listening to now?
right now? Homestuck fan songs. (yes i am aware that I am complete trash).