Attack on Grasshoper

Attack on Grasshoper

(Rating: 4.4)Rating saved

Attack on Grasshoper Game

(Rating: 4.4)Rating saved

The aim of the game, Mighty stick man fight with enemy stick men led by a grasshopper, without losing the life. if stick man loss the life ,game will be end .

How to Play:
Right Arrow - Right Move Left Arrow - Left Move A key - To swing sword S Key - Powerful Swing of sword

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Tags: Action, · RPG,

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♫♪LoVeLy ShIzA♥
♫♪LoVeLy ShIzA♥ 2
125 months ago
ye kiyaaaaaaaa bakwas hai kandi gamee
sexyolivia 5
131 months ago
OUCH! my hand is really hurting from pressing the knobs
nimah 5
134 months ago
nice game!
lens delva
lens delva 15
134 months ago
not bad
WarHorseLover 2
136 months ago
Don't get what ur mean't to do and it is rubbish. :o