Monster Town

Monster Town

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Monster Town Game

(Rating: 4.0)Rating saved

Monster Town is a fantastic game that can compete with Plants vs. Zombie. The players must be brilliant enough to make good use of the townspeople to defend the monsters, and thus to protect the town. Come over to kill those monsters hardly!

How to Play:
Use mouse to play as directed (the previous manual work is to earn money). Then click the second door. Then use mouse to click or press the digit button from 1-9 to pick up the warriors upward and put them on the road for defense purpose.

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Tags: zombies · defend · kill

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|Random$| Tille
|Random$| Tille 29
124 months ago
Cool game
gamemasters 2
124 months ago
if you love playing plans vs. zombie, then this is the second version if it!