Effing Worms

Effing Worms

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Effing Worms Game

(Rating: 4.4)Rating saved

Eat loads of stick figures playing as gigantic worm. Maybe if you eat enough people, you'll grow up to be big and fat like daddy worm

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Tags: action · eat · worm

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makisha 4
140 months ago
at beggining it was kind a boring but when i get awards it got really good game....one of the best i played....thumbs up if you thinks so
metamorphosis 95 3
141 months ago
destruction is my name killing is my game
Big Boi
Big Boi 32
142 months ago
Awesome Game Very addicting Already beat it Twice


TasosP 45
62 months ago
This is a pretty good game.
Assult rifel
Assult rifel 2
119 months ago
this is super easy
SuperShoryuke n 6
121 months ago
'I Wanna Grow A Giant Worm,
Like No One's Ever Done!
To Eat Junk Is Its Real Test,
To Upgrade Is Its Cause!!!'
-Scotta- 1
122 months ago
i love the game
vemon27 2
123 months ago
i kill 4002 people in this game this game rock
player259 6
124 months ago
belfry middle. near the end of the year we just did nothing so they let us play games
gangstarlover 4
124 months ago
where did you school?
player259 6
124 months ago
i played this game in school
{StAtic_I_WaR z} 3
125 months ago
first boring next BEAST
Zmc43 14
125 months ago
best ever