Megan the Fox

Megan the Fox

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Megan the Fox Game

(Rating: 3.5)Rating saved

Survive for as long as you can, collect the gems to upgrade your weapons, your speed and your armor. Try to grab the other power ups too for extra goodness.

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Tags: arcade · hop and bop · platform

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TasosP 45
62 months ago
This is a pretty good game.
tastetherainb ow916 9
120 months ago
ow...i was so focused on killing whatever those things are that i forgot to blink. now my eyes hurt.
SuperShoryuke n 6
122 months ago
Uh...what am I... playing here?
Tree Octopus
Tree Octopus 4
126 months ago
dumb game
Ruby 4
128 months ago
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 18
128 months ago
shut up it is tho
Blazerconz 28
135 months ago
it's ok
Germanikus 28
137 months ago
vg game!!!
|FBG$| YLU Thomas173 B.O.B
|FBG$| YLU Thomas173 B.O.B 35
141 months ago
nice game
|Random$| Peter Pot Head
|Random$| Peter Pot Head 19
144 months ago
lame and stupid