Tiny Little Robot

Tiny Little Robot

(Rating: 3.8)Rating saved

Tiny Little Robot Game

(Rating: 3.8)Rating saved

Help this tiny little robot get to the exit in each level.

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Tags: platform · puzzle · fun · robot

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TasosP 45
51 months ago
This is a pretty good game.
femanan 1
102 months ago
how do you do ahh it moves on little tiny robot
Zmc43 14
111 months ago
its good
MuffinDude 16
116 months ago
The checkpoint system is annoying as hell at the later levels, nice for a platformer altough it feels like the creator just made it to troll the player.
leoncoly 2
116 months ago
hi cool game 4 me for u too it will be for some of them it would not be guys
PrezidentGunz 4
117 months ago
not bad not bad at all
szymon0509 2
122 months ago
good game...although it gets tricky over time
Big Boi
Big Boi 32
130 months ago
Alright game
ingo_delete 1
131 months ago
A bit to straight forward and easy
|FBG$| YLU Thomas173 B.O.B
|FBG$| YLU Thomas173 B.O.B 35
131 months ago
its alright