Cat on a Dolphin

Cat on a Dolphin

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Cat on a Dolphin Game

(Rating: 3.3)Rating saved

A very hard game featuring the cat from Cat with bow golf. Use the friendly dolphin to get to the other side of each level. Make sure to hold on tight and to go up for air every now and again to avoid getting too red in the face.

How to Play:
Click and hold to hold onto dolphin. Realease mouse to let go and get air

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Tags: dolphin · cat · funny · hard · frustrating

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XXGhostXX 12
95 months ago
OH MY JESUS, it was hard enough reaching LEVEL 4 why dafuq would you make level 5 so complicated?! took me about a fricken hour to beat!!!
mohamedelsamr a 1
95 months ago
man fuck this game