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RexHead 30
69 months ago
Talk about addictive... i've just made it to level 402 and still going strong! I want to stop but can't :O
RexHead 30
68 months ago
I just got the Tomb King up to level 100! boy that took a long time :) it got me to beating the boss at 440.
PixiePinkToes 3
71 months ago
This game is very addicting to just sit there and destroy click the things.
gate 1
67 months ago
This is fun :D
TasosP 45
56 months ago
This is a pretty good game.
manipulaterr 1
22 months ago
rexhead and pixiepinktoes, i know you two are bots because you guys said the same messages two times, and i am not stupid
touka 05
touka 05 2
46 months ago
really fun:))))