Words Block Answers

In Word Blocks you need to search for words and attempt to solve each puzzle. The app is available free on android devices, iphone and ipads. It is the latest trivia craze and will have your scratching you head trying to come up with each levels answers. This is where we come in and help you out!

Words Block Answers

All answers and cheats to Words Block trivia app.

Find the solutions you need in Words Block using our guide below. Answers listed alphanumerically.

Here are the first 100 level answers to the exciting new puzzle game

level 1: cat, cow, dog
level 2: pie, jam, TEA
level 3: sun, sea, hot
level 4: how, who, why
level 5: simple, fun
level 6: short, tall
level 7: keep, brain, working
level 8: cream, butter, bread
level 9: pooh, tiger, piglet
level 10: jason, Gollum, joker
level 11: jelly, sweets, candy
level 12: air, door, mind, mouth
level 13: bacon, toast, cereal
level 14: voice, youth, wallet
level 15: ebola, sars, malaria
level 16: glacier, polar, bear
level 17: table, channel, page
level 18: cloudy, humid, clear
level 19: lip, rose, elmo, blood
level 20: burrito, nacho, taco
level 21: hula, waikiki, aloha
level 22: unicorn, dragon, elf
level 23: newton, law, gravity
level 24: zeus, hera, poseidon
level 25: sour, basket, nip, odd
level 26: wind, nuclear, solar
level 27: eagle, hawk, low, crow,
level 28: dot, run, nose, air, fly
level 29: bastille, iggy, haim
level 30: lime, vinegar, lemon
level 31: leaf, twig, bark, wood
level 32: petunia, daisy, lily
level 33: shriek, scream, yell
level 34: shame, rage, passion
level 35: soy, chili, hot, salsa
level 36: witch, spell, wizard
level 37: fib, fake, deceit, lie
level 38: atlantis, fish, moss
level 39: rubbish, trash, junk
level 40: castle, hands, float
level 41: martial, arts, mixed
level 42: exam, freshman, prom, class, grad
level 43: goat, rabbit, giraffe, elephant
level 44: honey, paste, glue, flypaper, gum
level 45: stay with me, chandelier, fancy
level 46: folk, boogie, swing, disco, tango
level 47: yawn, burp, hiccup, cough, sneeze
level 48: turtle, badger, squirrel, snake
level 49: cake, pizza, string, paper, toast
level 50: beagle, chihuahua, pug, maltese
level 51: nap, ball, cold, sub, eye, criminal
level 52: bug, fish, brick, disc, rush, coast
level 53: Roth, hulk, wolverine, dead pool
level 54: genie, foundation, star, candle
level 55: stove, fridge, cup, pot, dish, oven
level 56: italy, Denmark, sweden, germany
level 57: patient, shy, careful, diligent
level 58: shower, bow, chance, risk, pledge
level 59: broccoli, frog, grouch, spinach
level 60: pomegranate, fig, durian, mango
level 61: window, faith, heart, ice, record
level 62: sandbox, slide, swing, children
level 63: television, drug, alcohol, game
level 64: gigli, transformers, cat woman
level 65: dracula, vampire, bat, mosquito
level 66: piglet, kitty, puppy, chick, calf
level 67: avengers, shriek, avatar, frozen
level 68: cupid, lonely, chocolate, lover
level 69: water, data, money, life, penalty
level 70: sincere, plain, truthful, frank
level 71: handwriting, picture, fly, hang
level 72: metallica, radiohead, placebo
level 73: rapunzel, aurora, elsa, jasmine
level 74: man, maiden, will, ore, rule
level 75: dodge, ford, Subaru, jeep, toyota
level 76: snorkel, economy, soda, soap, gum
level 77: eggplant, violet, barney, grape
level 78: beer, cocoa, coffee, grapefruit
level 79: remember, mufasa, pumbaa, simba
level 80: shirt, coat, vest, jumper, blouse
level 81: aladdin, poppy, hook, insomnia
level 82: joy, angry, jealous, misery, melancholy
level 83: jaguar, lion, hippopotamus, crocodile, hyena
level 84: papyrus, cleopatra, sphinx, pharaoh, pyramid
level 85: lightsaber, yoda, luke, force, jedi, chewable
level 86: simpsons, mustard, omelet, yolk, pikachu, corn
level 87: sidecar, manhattan, martini, sazerac, gimlet
level 88: victim, detective, witness, evidence, robber
level 89: orangutan, chimpanzee, law, gorilla, justice
level 90: adolescence, dream, acne, rebellion, nirvana
level 91: Abercrombie, wet-seal, gucci, Hollister, zara
level 92: treasure, ship, hat, sail, eyepatch, caribbean
level 93: apple, rembrandt, picas, renoir, munch, money
level 94: death, berry, board, box, friday, smith, out, list
level 95: promise, bubble, china, love, peace, glass, bone
level 96: sliding, track, stage, story, slash, ground, hoe
level 97: costume, treat, pumpkin, cauldron, tomb, witch
level 98: Beatles, bob dylan, who, elvis, rolling stones
level 99: tomkat, kimye, bran gelina, ben nifer, Billy
level 100: money, computer, smile, water, pipe, blood, fish

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