Agent Turnright

Agent Turnright

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Agent Turnright Game

(Rating: 4.4)Rating saved

A game about a secret agent who can only turn right!

How to Play:
Mouse to interact. Complete the game in as few clicks as possible

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Tags: arcade · one button · action · shooter

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sharkdogs 33
145 months ago
love it its secret angunt shark dog go
Dr.Pepper 19
148 months ago
he can only go left... thats just how good he is!
fooknok 1
148 months ago
the damn tank..... the daaaaaaaaaaamm tank :D
Ish1337 8
148 months ago
A crime fighting hero with two left feet :P
That's So Mario!
That's So Mario! 27
148 months ago
fun game! Easy progression and a fun theme
$JunkMan$ 20
148 months ago
I'm not an ambi-turner... I can't turn left... haha
AnonymouS 26
148 months ago
awesome game :D
a cool verison of Snake xD