Sports Heads: Football

Sports Heads: Football

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Sports Heads: Football Game

(Rating: 4.0)Rating saved

Can you win the trophy? Score goals by using headers and volleys.

How to Play:
Arrow keys to move. Space for volleys.

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Tags: soccer · football · skill · 2 player · sports heads

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$JunkMan$ 20
98 months ago
awesome game :D
Kinda stinks when you accidentally score on yourself though :(
|Random$| Tille
|Random$| Tille 29
98 months ago
this is hillarious :D
cooldude_tanm ay 2
98 months ago
awesome game.....m/


TasosP 45
30 months ago
This is a pretty good game.
Poodiepie 3
74 months ago
MOST HATED THING IN THIS GAME: You get to score and the score goes to the enemy cuz you accidentally scored on yourself
swaggest123 2
77 months ago
this game is so awesome but i keep making goals for them o:
suby2005 2
80 months ago
sooooo easy

this games is forget
stucks so bad
this stucks
adam25683 1
81 months ago
easy game people hillarious if someone could not make a goal
suby89 6
83 months ago
great game is so classic and cool
kaleb1596 7
84 months ago
Did anyone else notice that they spelled "affect" wrong in the beginning screen with the power-ups?