Idle Sword

Idle Sword

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Idle Sword Game

(Rating: 4.6)Rating saved

v1.35 now up! Action packed Idle Game. Explore procedural dungeons, find new teammates and defeat Mr. Big Stache. Includes New Game+ mode for unlimited replay value! Make sure to download the mobile versions.

How to Play:
Click to attack or heal. Shift+Click to quick sell items.

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Tags: dungeon · idle · incremental · clicker · raid

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dom Admin
47 months ago
Make sure to try the game on mobile!

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Android Download


TasosP 45
29 months ago
This is a pretty good game.
XepixZ 1
36 months ago
Later in the game u will get auto sell :P
PixiePinkToes 3
41 months ago
I wonder how they don't get annoyed by all of those rings!?
hunterkioasgm 1
43 months ago
this games fun
dom Admin
44 months ago
sorry ,it IS up, typo ^_^
niconet 1
44 months ago
Why not?
dom Admin
44 months ago
v1.35 is up
Goku10 2
45 months ago
yo dom i killed the muchrooms and one of them had a gun and i took it and the game is so cool woo hooo
JeffChina 1
45 months ago
This game is awesome!But everytime after reset the game we have to re-equip all the soulbound equipments again.thats really very inconvenient.
dom Admin
46 months ago
v1.34 is here, import/export save data :)