Snow White Slider

Snow White Slider

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Snow White Slider Game

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There is no need to mention how many famous characters are reviled by Disney. Every child all over the world is enormously grateful to this magnificent man since he made their childhood magical. All Disney characters are very famous, but Snow White is on the top, mostly because it is the first animated film produces in Disney’ studio. By the way, she is derived from the fairy tale with lots of versions, but the best known is the one collected by the brothers Grimm. Since we achieved this information, now we can move to the entertaining side of the story. Also, there is a variety of computer games in which Snow White plays the main role. She is the most beautiful girl ever seen and her beauty is the reason of her popularity. Now, I like to pay attention to this one. It is about a slider game with the most amazing picture of Snow White. You can easily find it on the web and it is just free of charge. To play this interesting game, use your left mouse only. The game picture is divided into 15 equal pieces of the image and one empty place that will help you drag the small pieces. So, the goal is to organize them in the right place in order to get the initial image. You can play this game with time limitation or you may remove the time. Also, if you need help you can ask from the background button or click the small graphic at the right down corner to see the whole picture. After solving the puzzle, you may play again but prepare yourself for a harder task. Enjoy in the play!

How to Play:
Play this game online with your mouse only!

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