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dom Admin
114 months ago
1. Set 897 and click the wheel.

2. Click cigarette 3 times, then click garbage can, and next click the car.

3. Click the bottleneck on the center of the screen, click the bottle.

4. Click the moon, click Stupidella.

5. Click the "Turn" sign.

6. Click trumpet

7. Click "Differences" text

8. Click 3, 10, 5

9. Click the finger on the left top.

10. Click the switcher on the engine. Click accelerator.

11. Click bazooka (right next to the girl's butt). Click the target.

12. Click Stupidella and hold the button.

13. Click TV, and rapidly click girl's legs.

14. Click 1st, 3rd, 6th, 7th girl.

15. Click girl's *****.

16. Find 9 faces and click the girl.

17. Click referee, click swim 11 times, click the girl, click swim 11 times again.

18. Open the door, click parachute, click Jump.

19. Click the grass left to the girl. Click stairs.

20. Click the second rocket.

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