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|FBG$| VeKo
|FBG$| VeKo 33
118 months ago
Stage 1: Press the red button on the TV
2: Click your eyes
3: Click the triangle on the right door, then enter it
4:Click head until you get gas mask, then click on the pipe segments to get them all to connect
5:Click the villagers' grass skirts twice
6:Click zipper on bull's neck
7:When the wizard makes you human, click his wand
8:Click the car just enough times to get the front wheel past the flag
9:Keep clicking yourself until you leave the screen
10:Click the WORD Trollface 10 times, not the actual face
11:Click the black button on the top right corner of the game screen twice, then click the "WIN" button
12:Drag the candy to the face without touching any black lines, then, still holding the candy, move above the face to leave the maze and safely get to the "Next level" button (be sure to not touch black lines, even after you go above the face)
13:Click the green triangles to dodge the first 2 black squares, then click one of the last 2 squares to make them disappear, clearing the road
14:Click the stone right before it hits you
15:Click the green button 99 times. On the final time, the buttons switch colors, so the right button will be green on the last click
16:A button will appear on the top right corner of the game screen soon before you die. Click that button to pass
17:Click all of the faces with moving mouths. After the time runs out, click the troll face on the "Level failed" screen to pass
18:Press "Jump" at the right moments to jump over the first 2 sets of holes, but don't jump over the last set or you will die
19:Press the notes 3,1,4, then 2 (in order from the left to right)then click your head
20:Click on the wires, then click the red button on the TV
21: There is no 21, you've already won!
I am a One Dircetioner 2013
I am a One Dircetioner 2013 17
105 months ago
Do not click the television or you are dead
TasosP 45
52 months ago
This is a pretty good game.

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