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kellythecatwo man 19
140 months ago
Always stay on your toes. Wall jump on falling blocks whenever possible to stay mobile. Always jump, even when you're being still, to keep a good view and get a better score.
|FBG$| Vagabond
|FBG$| Vagabond 24
140 months ago
Never stop! I fell between 2 blocks and another block fell on top,trapping me!! Oh no! I waited until the lava got me
Paradox 32
140 months ago
Latching is really important. Don't get trapped. Jump off the sides and you can go through the screen. Helpful if used correctly.
|Random$| swim126
|Random$| swim126 25
140 months ago
Dont forget you can wall jump to stay alive
TasosP 45
63 months ago
This is a pretty good game.

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