dessert island

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if u were stranded on a dessert island what are 5 things u would bring
computer, some way to connect to the internet, food, fresh water, a friend!
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Gun, bullets, Water filter kit, Pack of lighters (not rubbing sticks) , and some random chick (Easier to shoot a chick you really don't know if she becomes to annoying).
dom the food would spoil
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computer and rota, food, food storage, phone
canned food can last a long time, besides, I have an internet connection. I'll get some food delivered.
i just wouldent go to the island in the first place
i would not like to be on that island with dom if the canned food was just baked beans
haha lol carnage
and aust he said STRANDED not "oh i feel like going on a deserted island with no fresh water or food and see how it goes oh i'll take 5 things with me too"
but if you were stranded you wouldent get a choice to bring stuff with you
if u were on a sinking ship u would have just enough time to grab 5 things and then get on a life boat then float away and crash on a desert islasd
ya cos thats all ways wat your going to think of not your family or friends
whatever u win