Saying Goodbye, to a dead site

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I have been a user of this site (As well as armour games) since 2008, and It recently came to my attention that nobody plays flash games anymore.With the attention mainstream media, and AAA titles have been getting, I guess flash games have went from bold and brash, to the deep abyss of obscurity.I honestly doubt this site can have a redemption in daily logins (Other sites similar to this one is on life support as well),so in the event the moderaters shut this site down (Eventually) I would like to thank them for what they´d created, in a way that seems fit (This message).Keep in mind that the program Adobe Flash is about to shut down as well, meaning no more HoodaMath,Coolmathgames,etc (Unless they swith to different platform to run games).I´d been playing flash games/unity web player/webgl games ever since I was 3 years old.Now that flash is dead, the 3 programs will be put to rest soon.So thanks Gamesbutler,for providing us with content that we will take with us forever...even if the all content wasnt always yours! Oh well we still have Steam and Roblox! Skrillex spelled wrong Add me on steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Supereasybro/