Embarrassing memories at GB

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I feel like revisiting memories to re-enlighten my enthusiasm for the site. I just realized that two months ago was my five year anniversary of being here.

So basically tell about the most memorable, embarrassing, funny, and foolish moments from being here. Seeing as most of us are all a bunch of children, everyone will have a few.

Mine's probably involve how much of a emotional pre-teen I was when I first joined. Man the angst was real.
i dont know what was my embarrassig memories but i guess none really
I don't know if it was embarrassing but I remember that I wanted to be accepted by everyone that was like "famous" on this website so I tried to do everything and everything to liked espically bring up my level on my profile :3 I also rember when we did THIS TO MESS WITH THE SITE AND BREAK THE FONT SIZE And also how on one of the forums We were posting numbers for some reason and I posted the first 1,000,000 digets of pi and I could no longer access that forum page until enough posts got it to go to the next page lol. There was also the time when you guys taught me how to change links to be what I want them to say and and saruan said he was disapoint from the lack of pie when I did Click here for pie. There was also a time when I learned how to put a colors in the fourms but I forgot how to do that as well. Or when we made the font so small that on one could read it unless they zoomed in on it
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Forget memories i'm just glad those immature kids got banned and now we don't have dang trolls anymore. by the way long time no see guys.
What kids?
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Most memorable part of this place was all the awesome forum threads we used to have... Though i never posted in most of them it was still awesome to read all the jokes and such.
yeah same here and i have been with gb for about 2 or 3 years now and i mean i love it also there is alot of friends i have met on here and they have became my fam and everything else its an amazing site to be on and i love the people here they make me feel welcomed and loved here at gb thanks guys ~jazzy
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All the incredibly cringe emo phase things i did on these forums....