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U are gross if u play the kind of games my earlier topic was about and i know im not ur mom its just common sense people
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1st Of all ppl can play what they want.
2nd Your not the boss of us.
3rd Stop making topics about it.
4 No one cares if you think there gross.
5 Someone lock this.
And one last thing no matter how many stupid topics you make about the bra game or whatever game how there gross no one is going to listen So you need to just stop making these stupid fucking topics..
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Msptaylor, this is a warning. Your first forum was locked for a reason, as is this one, so please take a hint and either stop posting completely irrelevant forums like these or start posting serious forums. If you make more forums like this they will be deleted instead of locked, possibly resulting in Dom (the admin) being informed.

Thank you