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I saw Mr.Anderson's forum on questions about England so i thought id start one about new york since i lived there my whole life. So ask away
LETS GO YANKEES! (u a yankees fan? cuz i am)
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wat is new york like
Yes im a yankees fan and new york is a great place. it really depends where you live in new york. i think that White Plains is the most dangerous place in new york. and i use to go there all the time cause my moms mom lived there. ive only been robbed once but that was at night, and people are really nice there if there not either shooting you or raping you lol jking about the shooting and raping part. i lived in a ok neighborhood. people would think were ghetto and stuff but most of us really aren't.a lot of us are really smart. but in other parts its dangerous. the best place is New York City cause thats where everything is. and a lot of things take place there like the Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Radio City New Years Eve Party
oh and i suggest that if you go to the New Years Eve Party there, handcuff yourself to whoever your with because you willl get seperated unless you have something huge guiding you in front of you. (Thank you dad!!!)
Oh and yes were athletic. and for some reason im not too good at basketball but amazing at dodgeball. I beat a hole group of highschoolers by myself in dodgeball
What are some very good restaurants that tourists wouldn't know of?
i know you,ve got tons of sky-scrapers but hve u ever been in one and if you have whats it like
ive been in a skyscraper once before. (this was after 9/11) and i thought someone was going to blow it up lol. i swear i thought i was gonna die but i was a little young so i dont remember wat it was like.
some good resturants are California Pizza Kitchen and this other place that i forgot about. but some great places are Applebees and our pizza shops and especially the fat guy who sells hotdogs. New York has the best pizza and hot dogs. i remember a year ago i used to buy pizza every day, thats how good it was
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R.I.P, people involved i 9/11
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why are new yorks expectations for sport teams so high
well obviously for the yankees they put so much money towards them they should win every year (just sayin)
wjat is the most famous food
well cdog123, "New York has the best pizza and hot dogs" what does that tell you? :P XD
lol asskicker. and new york expectations are so high so we can win all of our matches. thats why all the new york teams in most of the sports are amazing especially the yankees
ok wat is the weather like
it varies year round. summer its hot and sometimes rains, winter, is cold and barley gets hot but sometimes rains, in fall it rains and the weather is average, not to hot but not to cold
does new york remind you of anywhere else?
no not really. why wat were you thinking of carnage?