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This post if for those who have some Action, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Drama, Horror, Adventure stories to share...Storm I know you're a perfect candidate...I'll also type up some of my stories however all my stories are copyright and you will be arrested if I find out you're using them...and I WILL find out...I warn you, stories may vary so if you think you're not mature enough to handle some things then don't read the story...Just no stories involving s.ex please....We don't want that here
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lol wow
Death in the Corridor:
Chapter 1: School Sucks

The bell rang for the start of the school day. As everybody piled into their lessons with a bored look on their faces, Sandra Davies was only just getting dressed. She got her books together. And ran out of her house at full pelt, muttering that she needed a new alarm clock. By the time she got to school, everybody was already halfway through their first lesson. As she walked to her lesson, thinking of an excuse for being late, she got the feeling that someone was watching her. She turned round quickly but there was nobody there. When she continued on a slow, throaty growl started to sound above her head. She looked up and screamed.
by the way this isn't the one with se.x
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lol I'll post a WoW Story I made
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World of Warcraft-Cataclysm
Episode 1-The Leopard reveals her spots
Selean Milinda Crimsonflame-A Kitsune( in the form of a Blood Elf, she used to live with her brother Mardos. When she recieved word of the Shattering in Azeroth she fled to Kalimdor, fearful that the man she's had a crush on was dead.She is a Warrior with white skin and redish brown hair,and almost always wears a smile.
Firewind Dawnhammer-A Blood Elf of High Nobility in Silvermoon, the Blood Elf Capitol, he is a Paladin and has a mysterious power that allows him to topple armies. He is 24 years old and has blond hair. He is High Commander of the Horde army.
Vaerolis Windrunner-Another Blood Elf, He is a Rogue and the High General of the Horde Army. He is second only to Garrosh Hellscream, the temporary leader of the Horde untill the true king, Thrall, returns from his journey. He is Selean's cousin although neither are blood related. He has brown hair.
Gamon-A Tauren(cow man) that if you've played the game, before cataclysm was freaking easy to kill and everyone killed him cuz he was only lvl 12...However in the new expansion he's lvl 85 with a jack load of health...Anyways back to the character description-A Tauren with black hair-He was recently befriended and trained by Selean and now no one messes with him. He usually hangs out in the bar in Orgrimmar, the Horde and Orc capitol
Gor-A General of the Horde Army
Shin-A shaman and Colonel of the Horde Army, however his high IQ makes him very suspicious.
Logistics Officer Bloodbane-Logistics Officer of the Horde Army.
Myuumi-A Blood Elf who once was in love with Vaerolis, but broke his heart. She later tried to kill Selean and Vaerolis to cover up something she'd done, however, what she was trying to cover up is unknown.
Deathwing-A black dragon that was defeated in the Second War, Deathwing retreated to Deepholm in the Elemental Plain to recover...Now he's back and his escape has caused The Shattering, the Cataclysm that has changed Azeroth forever...
Other Characters include-
Orc Soldiers
Goblin Soldiers
Alliance Soldiers

Warcraft Chapter 1-The Leopard reveals her spots!

[Dranosh'ar Barracade,Durotar-4:00 PM]
"Commander,Commander!"Selean shouted as she ran into the briefing room. Firewind,Gor, and Shin are startled by her shout."I made it here safe and soun-WHOOOA!" Selean shouted again, but this time tripping on a nail."Second Lieutenant...Here let me help you up."Firewind said, helping Selean to her feet."Uh thanks Commander...I trust High General Vaerolis sent you my files?"Selean asked."Selean Milinda Crimsonflame, age 20, Dragon Aspect...Red Dragonflight, Warrior, blood type O, hobbies include-Fishing, sparring, painting, jogging, etc."Firewind said, reading of the list."Looks like I'm all set then.."Selean said

[Minutes Later]
"Shin...This is not good, not good at all....The Alliance have sent a strike team to break the barracade...We must defeat them at all costs....Give me Far Sight..."Firewind said, worried."Yes sir"Colonel Shin said as he gives Firewind the ability to see into other lands, continents...Worlds."Major Earthhammer!"Firewind shouted."Selean...Please leave me to talk to the Major."Firewind said."Yes sir"Selean obediently replied.[Dranosh'ar Barracade-Archers Barracks-4:46 PM]"All right! Maggots listen up! High Commander Firewind has instructed me to give a speach...The Alliance are about to attack! For years they have succeeded in taking our lands but not today! Today we fight and win! With the leadership of our great High Commander we WILL pull through and we will win! LOK'TAR OGAR(Victory or Death!)!"Selean shouted inspiringly."Oh yeah? Then why doesn't the High Commander give us the speach instead of him sending a frilly little girl?!"One Orc soldier said laughing."Yes...Why should we listen to a girl? Go back to the kitchen, the battlefield is not for you're type!"Another soldier said as the entire barracks was flooded with laughter. "ENOUGH YOU RUNTS!"Selean said as she walked out.A soldier throws a knife and she catches it in her hand."WHO THREW THIS?!"Selean said as she threw the knife into an Orc's leg."Now...Who else has problems with me?!"Selean said as all the soldiers raised their weapons."ENOUGH!"Firewind shouted menicingly."Slean come with me, NOW!"He barked."Look...I'm sorry that I have to do this...But you've given me no choice...I'm demoting you to Private...Sorry"Firewind said more calmly as they walked into the Briefing Room."No...You're right...I handled that inapproprietly...I got what's comming to me...I'll see ya later..."Selean said walking out of the Briefing Room..."Love you..."Selean wispered in Fire's ear...For they we're not to let others know of their romance.
[Battlefield-6:00 PM]"DAMMIT WE'RE UNDER HEAVY ATTACK!"An Orc soldier shouted."Haha this is too easy!"Selean said as she cut through enemy after enemy with her axe."haha look guys! The little Blood Elf got demoted to Private!"One Orc said...The Orcs start to laugh."Get of the field weakling!"An Orc shouted attacking her."I'LL SHOW YOU REAL POWER!"Selean said as she turned into her dragon form.Selean kills the Orc and kills the rest of the Alliance..."FREAK! MONSTER!"Shouted the Orcs as they shuned her...Some try to kill her but learn the hard way not to mess with her...
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Don't call me a nerd cuz I like Wow...I WILL get the other 10 million to help me "talk" to you....
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Oh btw there was another part in between the beginining and before Selean tells fire that she loves him...It involves them getting drunk and then something happens....I'm not going into detail cuz this forum ISN'T getting locked
this a ghost story i wrote a couple weeks ago ( i hope u enjoy it )

The devil child

It was 1951 when the first devil child was born. The infant grew up as an orphan. It seemed that his mother died when the baby was 2 days old. But, she really was murdered by the devil. The devil would rape an innocent woman every 10 years and kill her after their first child is born.
On the child’s twelfth birthday, the devil would give his child evil powers. With these powers, the child would be impossible to beat. Unless, his father takes away his child’s powers. However, the devil will only do it if one heroic person overpowers the child. So far, no one has been brave enough to stop him. Now 2011 is coming. Soon the devil child would be 12 years old and all of us would be in horrible danger.

Tyler Clark slowly walked towards the front door of his house. He knew his mom would throw him a surprise birthday party, even if he doesn’t want one. The only reason Tyler doesn’t want a party is because his real mom isn’t there. His real mom died when he was 3 days old. Also, he never knew his dad either. He has been living in an adoption center until he was 7. Tyler always wished he could do something special and that wish is about to come true.
A boy like Tyler would always back down from whatever is happening. He doesn’t participate in any sports and he never talks in school. Some kids bully him all the time. Tyler would feel so small and worthless but he would never speak up and say what’s wrong.

“Soon, I will give Tyler his evil powers”, the devil laughed. Everyone will be begging for mercy. Hearing people cry is music to my ears.
The devil’s assistant looks up and whispers “I think you’re going too far”.
“Nonsense”! This year I will make my child’s powers twice as powerful and still, no one will try to stop him. I never have been gladder to see people suffer.

The devil slowly creped in Tyler’s room. He looked down at his sleeping child with a huge smile.
“By tomorrow you will be an unstoppable to beat”, whispered the devil. Make me proud, son.
The next day, Tyler was feeling very weird. He still didn’t know he was the devil child.
When it turns 8:00 he will be the best killer around.

“Hey, loser”, said Aaron James as he pushed Tyler.
Aaron would always bully Tyler. Soon Tyler will obtain his revenge.

It was 8:00, and Tyler was going through his changes. His skin turned bright red and his teeth turned razor sharp. Small pointy horns stuck out of his head and his eyes turned black and bold. His fingernails were sharper than knives.
“Get ready to die, Aaron”, Tyler laughed and ran towards Aaron’s house.

Aaron was in room playing his play station, but then he heard a noise. He turned around to see Tyler looking at him with his big black eyes.
“Die, Aaron, Die!!!” Tyler screamed.

“What the heck???” Aaron said.

Tyler ran towards Aaron. Aaron tried to run away, but he didn’t make it. Tyler tackled him, and started to scratch him with his razor sharp claws. Then, Tyler bit of Aaron’s left foot. Next, he bit of Aaron’s right hand. There was blood everywhere. Tyler stood up and said,
“Goodbye, Aaron, NO ONE will miss you”. No person on earth will miss a huge jack…. Like you.

excuse me???, i did write this!
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I wrote my story myself too...Me and my friend will have to discuss part 2...
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"You all don't see it do you?! Jerks!"Selean said, trying to hold back the tears as she ran to the Briefing Room."I..I..I can't do this anymore....I won't do this anymore....I'm done..."Selean thought."Selean....Don't worry about those jackasses...They're just jealous they can't kick as much ass_ as you can..."Firewind said reassuringly."You really think so?"Selean said, holding on to Firewind."I don't think so, Love...I know so.."Firewind said as he kissed Selean."Listen..I'd hate to bear bad news but we have several Majors killed...All by the Alliance..."Firewind said."Maybe....They've got new leadership...Like a person of high intellect and military background..."Shin said."Fire...What's wrong?"Selean said as she stared at Gor, Firewind, and Shin...All of them glancing around...

Later at the Silvermoon Inn-Murder Row, Selean and Firewind stay and rest for the events to come...There will be troubles ahead and enemies the likes of which have never been seen...
Dan if u actually read THE DEVIL CHILD forum u would know that cesar said CUTE JOKER wrote this not me.

Death in the Corridor:
Chapter 2: Blood on the Floor

The police had secured the school, but the children were being kept in their lessons and being told it was a practice session for the police. Also the corridor where Sandra was killed had been blocked off with "Danger: slippery surfaces" signs, just to make sure thay didn't panic. Top police detective James Norton was examining Sandras dead body. There was blood on the floor on and on the walls, even on the ceiling! But something that was really strange was was that there were deep stratches across her chest, and her right foot was nowhere to be seen. The detective stood up. He addressed the head teacher, who was standing near by trying not to throw up, "I have never seen anything like this before" he said simply "However something seems to of attacked her and a part of her body is missing. I will return to the station imediatley and attepmt to work out whats gone on here, and I shall try to return as soon as possible, at which point I may be forced to close the school." Just before he left, he noticed a lock of black hair lying near the body. It couldn't of been Sandra's - her hair was blonde - so he picked it up and left. He didn' realise how much picking up that hair would endanger his life... And probably end it.
Death in the Corridor:
Chapter 3: Run!

James Norton was sitting in his office, wondering who, or what, could have killed Sandra. But one thing really made him worry, he had analysed the black hairs and no other hair matched. The weren't human or animal. They were something else. Putting that matter aside for a while, he drove back to the school to get everybody out. The place just wasn't safe. He ran in to the headmaster's office, ordering him to evacuate "We need to get everybody out!" he shouted. But the head wasn't listening. "We can't let evryone out early" he said. "More people might die if we don't!" cried the police man. The head leaned forward over his desk and spoke one word "no."
"Then I will" said Norton. "One death is enough." With that he ran outside and went to the nearest classroom he could see. He was just about to knockon the door when something dropped down from the ceiling behind him with a loud thump. As he began to turn, something hit him right in the back. He was propeled through the classroom door, showering the room with splinters. When his flying body reached the back wall his body crumpled and he fell forward. There was blood trickling from almost everywhere on his body. He was obviously dead. The children began to scream and ran for the door. The teacher set off the fire alarm to get everyone out. Nobody had any idea of what was to come...
Death in the Corridor:
Chapter 4: Bring out the Big Guns

It was 4:00pm when the military police arrived. The children had gone home and the school perimeter had been secured. Anybody who was in the school had been armed with a M16A1 machine gun and a T22 Magnum pistol. Each corridor was covered and the classrooms were watched. On the outside were armed jeeps. All the teachers were out, except the head, who had vanished.

Sergeant Aaron Williams was with his squad covering the corridor where the first death had happened. It was 11:50 pm and he and his men were getting restless. There had been no sign of the killer and he was beginning to think they were on a wild goose chase. He sat down against a wall and drifted off to sleep. It was midnight when the lights flickered, and died. The first reaction throughout the building was panic. Then, as the torches were brought out, the panic subsided into mild discomfort. Aaron Williams’s squad experienced the blackout first. His men quickly woke him and got the torches out. It was then that they heard a low padding sound approaching from around a corner. They instantly checked their guns and aimed them at the corner, but the torches went out. The men began to back away, keeping the guns pointed at the corner. A few moments later they saw a large silhouette, the shape of a dog but much larger, coming round the corner it turned and the soldiers could sense it watching them. It began to run towards them. There was a clatter of gunfire, the flashes illuminating the corridor for a few seconds, showing a mass of manky black hair, teeth and claws. But the beast kept on coming. With a leap it propelled itself through the air and landed on one of the men, crushing him. The rest of the soldiers backed away, except for Aaron, who repeatedly fired at the thing with his magnum, but with no effect. A few moments after the thing had devoured the crushed man, it turned to Aaron. Without hesitation it leaped in front of the sergeant, slashed a claw along his stomach and stuck its head up the cut. A moment later it pulled its head back out, taking the unfortunate mans guts with it. With its head soaked in blood, it turned and ran after the other men.
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Charles! The Musical! (lol jk it's not a musical)

[6:17 AM]"*sigh*God why do I have to wake up so early? Just imagine high school...I'll have to wake up earlier..."Charles said tiredly at 6 o'clock in the morning."I'm leavin' our waaaaaaaaar beeeehiiiind, life can go on without you. I'm leavin' our waaaaaar beehind the night that I leave town."Charles sung along to Our War by Neon Trees.Charles got up and took his meds in the early morning."If anyone picks on me today, I may be small...But I've been picked on TOO much in Elementary School...I'm not letting anyone push me around ANY MORE!"Charles said.*Ring Ring*Went Charles' phone."Hello?"Charles said."Charles? That you? Bro what's up?" Robert said."Nothing much dude...Just typing a useless story on Gamesbutler because I'm bored like Hell..."Charles replied."How are you bored? I wake up earlier than you and I'm never bored."Robert inquired."I guess, I'm not as adapted to the early light as you are..."Charles said."Well you know what? I'm gonna cheer you up dude....Okay see, you know my sis has a crush on you, right?"Robert asked."Ugn! C..Cele..Celesta has a crush on me? DAMMIT YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME SOONER!!!!"Charles said with a studder."Well she hadn't told me until last night at around....9 o'clock...I didn't know before then."Robert said."Oh really?...Ugh! I'll be at school later...And you know what...That did cheer me up dude....Back me up when I'm a Freshman 'kay?"Charles said."Sure thing bro." Robert replied.

HAHA i feel so sorry for you if you have Freshmen Friday at your school. If you do just tell me and i'll tell you how not to get your a$$ kicked
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can i just say making a WHOLE story about WoW is a bit nerdy
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"I've got troubled thoughts and the self esteem to match

And what a catch, what a catch

(Whoa whoa whoa)

You'll never catch us so just let me be

I said I'll be fine til' the hospital or American embassy.

Mrs. Flack said "I still want you back" Yeah Mrs. Flack said I still want you back.

I've got troubled thoughts and the self esteem to match

and what a catch, what a catch, and all I can think of is the way I'm the one who charmed the one who gave up on you, who gave up on you.

Whoa whoa whoa oh

They say the captain goes down with the ship

so when the world ends, will god go down with it?

Mrs.Flack said I still want you back yeah

Mrs.flack said I still want you back

I got troubled thoughts and the self esteem to match and what a catch, what a caatch, and all I can think of is the way i'm the one who charmed the one who gave up on you.

(Na na na na na, na na na na na)

What a catch what a catch what a catch, what a catch

(Na na na na na, na na na na na, na na na na na)

I will never end up like you

but behind my back I already am, keep it goin at this way you have always known

I've got troubled thoughts and the self esteem to match and what a catch, what a catch, and all

I can think of is the way I'm the one who charmed the one who gave up on you, who gave up on yoooou.

Where is your boy tonight?

I hope he is a gentleman

Maybe he won't find out what I know

You were the last good thing

We're going down, down in an earlier round

And sugar, we're goin' down swinging

Dance, dance, we're falling apart to halftime

Dance, dance, and these are the lives you'd love to lead

Dance, this is the way they'd love

If they knew how misery loved me

This ain't a scene, it's a ******** arms race

This ain't a scene, it's a ******** arms race

One night and one more time

Thanks for the memories

Even though they weren't so great

He tastes like you, only sweeter

Growing up, growing up

I got troubled thoughts

And the self-esteem to match

What a catch, what a catch"