GamesButler 'v4' Official suggestion thread

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The next big update to GamesButler is in the works :)
This will be a long term project, like last time I'll get user feedback every step of the way with screenshots, beta tests and more :)

Here is what's planned, please help me add to the list!

  • More high score and achievement games. I've been working really hard on a new high score and achievement api. Once released I hope I can add 10-20 new achievement games to the site a month.

  • Challenge a friend

  • Better integration between the game help, friend feed and other features

  • Game comment formatting, better integration of game help

  • Chat rooms

  • Brand new chat (faster and new features)

  • Improved forums with more text formatting options (color, ect) and more buttons to click.

  • Better blocking and reporting options.

  • Improved profiles, improved activity feed

Code and look
  • New back end code. You won't see it, but this means the site will be a lot faster!!

  • New design, easier to use web site

  • A mobile version with mobile games

If I like your ideas I'll send you some bonus points :)
Looks good. I'll try and think up some stuff you could add.
Everything seems all good. Cant really think of anything more.
mobile sounds greattt
I thik i like the new design and easier to use. That would be great Dom!! This is a great website!!!
Might be in there already but I say, a report button that works. Because when I report someone it doesnt't seem to work?
Dom. You took the words right out of my mouth.
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Sounds awesome! I'm really looking forward to the update. (:
Yes.Dom is is putting the word bomb into awesome
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how about making .GIFs (animations that play over and over again) our profle pictures
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its kinda cool
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Make the website's motto ' stressed is desserts backwards .' or "Just for the lulz"
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That's actually an interesting idea in theory. Gamesbutler should have a slogan.
hows about chat rooms that can have more than ten to twenty people
that would be awesome
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once again, an app for ipod/ipad
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apps would be awesome
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Read my mind Dom...
sweet dom ur awesome
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Yay mobile games! What about random games on the Home page? Just for fun!
ok well dom you know me i have to post on every one of you things so this time some useful info XD
1. the challenge a friend think what is that because i dont know what you mean by challenge a friend.
2. i dont think chat rooms is a good idea because people sometime cause trouble and start stuff in them.
3.i like the code idea if the site runs better the that means more people will join!
last is a good thing but are we going to have to pay for it and what are you going to put is on {like a web site for mobiles or a app.
ty dom the butler i hope you read this and as all-ways i hope you have a good day/night and the site is getting better and better each update.
yours truly aTTemptedkiLer3
or the [Random$] kiLer of m.t.m.c
1. Challenge high score
2. There will be moderators
4. It'll be free, most likely it'll be a web site and not an app
alright that sounds cool, but what about every body elses ideas like myne. and and zmcman
lol dom 1,2,4
Originally posted by (;super;):Dylan14alright that sounds cool, but what about every body elses ideas like myne. and and zmcman

Chat rooms will be unlimited

App is covers as 'mobile version'. It's easier to make a website then 10 apps for 10 different cell phones (iphone, android, windows, etc all use different code for apps)
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can't wait
|FBG$| VeKo
|FBG$| VeKo
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Maybe a way to let members use animated GIFs as profile pictures?
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I guess it would slow down the old pcs. It happens when I enter on a profile with animated background and it is really annoying!