Idle Power

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Recently, i have been playing idle power, and i have noticed that it needs updates to make the game possible. There are also a lot of bugs within the game. i dont think they will update it, because this website isnt really active, but who knows. I really think the game is great, and even if you do reach 18QI, nothing happens. If want to update the game and make it better, they should have: -better teleport mechanics (sender/receiver, red, blue, green, yellow, colored teleporters(can only teleport if same color)) -more multipliers, to make the game not take 1500 years -prestiege mechanic, to make the new multipliers balanced with their cost and also more possible amounts of money -more upgrades, to make the game more possible to beat-more boards, for bigger, better setups -and higher goal, because 18QI is the most uneven goal, and with all the other upgrades and stuff, make the goal infinity, or 1.78e308 And those are just some ways to make the game better, plus this will also revive the game, making it fresh. And a lot more people would play it, including me! How do i end a note, (i would put my name but at the same time i dont want to)