Sentace game

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You know the drill Make a sentance that conects with the previous one Blah blah blah blah blah

like I went to the store and.
blew up
and died
but i rose from the dead
and killed a cop
he soon raised from the dead too
Level 24
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and blew my head off
i became a headless zombie
and ran in to a pole
and fell to hell
but i raised from hell and
still had no head
so i fell to hell again XD
and ate lunch with the devil
then smacked him and ran
along with my heade dangleing uselessly by a nerve
then I saw a demonic little girl
who laughed at me and pulled my head off
and flushed it down the tiolet
Level 35
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and went to the ocean lol
and then i found wilson the volleyball lol